Start showing the last traded prices

Hi Freetrade,

The team did an awesome job on the weekend.

I know that a common request from the existing and new joiners is the price displayed when trades are placed. We completely understand regarding the extra cost - and agree that this investment may not have been prudent. However I guess with the growing customer numbers and revenue stream - it may become feasible soon.

Irrespective, there is a simple and effective solution that could help in the interim - naturally dependent on the volume of trades - could Freetrade display the last bid/ask from the last executed trade? This will be significantly better than a 15 min stale price and will be at a zero cost to Freetrade.

This will need to be a two pronged approach - so trades with a low volume will remain as is.

Hope this is workable.

I honestly don’t know enough about this to judge whether it’s workable or not, but very refreshing to see people coming up with potential solutions to problems rather than only presenting the problems and/or complaining about them. Would be amazing if your idea worked!