[Feature Request 🔧] Better pricing information

There’s been a dramatic increase in questions on the forum from new users who are surprised by the fact that the price they see in the app is not the price they actually get when trading stocks. There are lots of good reasons for this, such as delayed pricing, volatility, liquidity, bid/ask spreads, and foreign exchange. But newbies don’t know about any of this, and they get surprised when they get charged something different from what they think of as a fixed ‘sticker price’ (not ‘ticker price’ :laughing:).

As a matter of urgency to educate new users and try to head off some of these complaints, could Freetrade insert some explanation/warning messages into the buy/sell process to explain the likelihood of variations?

As a longer-term measure, could Freetrade consider displaying bid/ask spreads or some sort of information about the price dispersion of recent transactions to help users understand what is going on? I’m not sure what would be most useful and feasible, maybe other folks have ideas?

There’s a balance to be struck between keeping it simple and making it more informative, but I think Freetrade is currently too far on the ‘keep it simple’ side, and that users would be better served with a bit more information than they get through the app right now.