FTSE 100 price is different in the Freetrade app vs Yahoo Finance

Why is ftse 100 up on yahoo finance but down on Freetrade?

It is down .17 on Freetrade graph but up .13 on yahoo finance

I think what you are seeing is a FTSE tracking etf is down ~0.01% while the actual FTSE is up 0.02% (according to hargreaves lansdown). It’s a slight tracking issue with the ETF

Ah ok, thanks, I’m still new to this

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ETF’s don’t always track the instrument they are supposed to track exactly. The ETF itself can be driven by supply and demand as it is traded on the exchange. sometime an ETF will have a value that is slightly different from its NAV (Net asset value) which is basically the value of it’s holdings

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My Vanguard s&p shares show a gain 0.42% on the Freetrade app and the same etf on yahoo finance shows 0.77% gain. They’re the same etf ?

Is the price the same?

Nope 42.84 on the app 42.99 yahoo finance ?

The last update on the app was 16.27. Looking on yahoo finance the jump gain occurred just after this. This .42 -.77% gain.

My whole portfolio price is different on yahoo finance than Freetrade even though I update regularly after every new investment.

All I would say is check you share titles carefully to make sure you have them right. Mine was out and I only realised the other day it was my FTSE 100 ETF. I had the actual FTSE index chosen in yahoo lol. My portfolio balance is spot on now in yahoo.


Following up on this, CNA.LN at the moment appears to be £45 on Freetrade +15.99% DoD vs. £42 on Yahoo Finance + 7.94%.
Why is it?

I’m not sure I understand the meaning of this answer in the context of an open market. I assume it’s a matter of bid/ask spread being wider on Freetrade.
Also, the price in the “review order” screen is different from the pps actually paid. this is particularly unhelpful - I ended up 5% more than the price quoted.
I assume it’s due to volatility and, again, bid/ask spread, but I thought these deviations were triggering order rejections.

maybe I misinterpreted the question.

reading it again, it seems it might be due to the fact price information is delayed and they perhaps update price information at different times

makes sense?

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Hey Alberto :wave:,

When you look on Yahoo Finance for example, you can see that the feed they receive their information is from the LSE 15min delayed, which means that the price you see is from 15minutes ago. Our data comes from Cboe and you can see the updated at price (and source) at the bottom of the stock details page.

Hope this answers your question here :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, thanks Jani.