Portfolio value shown in Freetrade seems incorrect?

I added my portfolio to Yahoo portfolio (so I don’t have to always check my phone to see what’s going on).

The portfolio “up by” value shown in Yahoo is about 30% more than the value shown in Freetrade. £332 in Yahoo versus £229 in Freetrade app.

I’ve double checked the numbers, they all look correct to me.

So, I’m wondering what might cause the discrepancy?

There is some unsettled cash (£83) that would account for a large proportion of the difference. Is unsettled cash included in the portfolio value ?

Otherwise I guess stamp duty and US taxes could be the cause? But could that really be accounting for a 30% difference?

As a side note, I only started noticing this significant discrepancy in the last week or so. Before that time the numbers in Yahoo portfolio and Freetrade were broadly in sync.

I know you said you double checked the numbers, but are you absolutely sure you haven’t entered a buy on a UK stock in pounds instead of pence or something? I have the same system (tracking on yahoo finance) and it can be out by a few pounds here and there where yahoo updates fx more frequently but never as much as that. :thinking:
you can also use ticker “$$CASH” with a cost per share of 1.00 to include your cash balance in your yahoo portfolio, if that helps at all?

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Thanks, for the response. I’ll check again.

Now I’ve triple checked all the values in GBP shown in my Freetrade portfolio vs the mirror of the portfolio in Yahoo… the GBP values are more of less the same with the some a few pence higher and some a few pence lower here and there. Yet the totals shown are still about 30% out.

I’m starting to suspect a bug in Freetrade or in Yahoo. Something that looks a little suspect is the that the difference in the amount happens be close to the amount of unsettled cash that I’m waiting on after selling some shares. I wonder if the the unsettled cash amount is being subtracted (instead of added or perhaps ignored) in the portfolio value calculation.

Is there reward money for finding / reporting bugs ?? :wink:

sounds very close to the exchange rate between £ and $ but if it was a bug then surely we would have the same?

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If you’re sure you have all the UK ones in pennies and the US ones in dollars, then I’m out of ideas unfortunately :confused:
If you think it’s a bug, then message support in app, they may at least be able to give you some more ideas

I since added up all the current GBP values shown in Freetrade for each of the 59 stocks listed. The amount comes to 11767.93 which was exactly what is shown in Yahoo.
So it would seem that the issue is that Yahoo is calculating the profit differently.

I entered each lot into Yahoo exactly as it was reported to me by Freetrade after each purchase and of course I’m hoping to find a dollar / pound discrepancy in my data entry skills…

So now I’m going through all the Freetrade purchases and as it happens I notice on the 2nd stock that I check that the average price calculation in Freetrade is not correct. It seems to be reporting not the average price but instead it’s reporting the price of the last purchased lot.

If Freetrade pay for reporting bugs I might be able to do quite well here.

Ok, new hypothesis.
The freetrade portfolio value is obviously based on ‘deposited cash’ - (‘current assets value’ + cash).
In the last couple of weeks I sold somewhere north of £640 of US stocks. Could 15% tax account for the £100 discrepancy?

If that is the case, then the Yahoo mirror portfolio shows me the correct profit based on the price I bought the shares for. What Freetrade shows me is a grand total minus withheld tax.

Does that sound correct?

afaik the 15% tax only affects dividends from US stocks

have you removed any from yahoo that you made a loss on?

start with £100 lose 10% so you have £90
sell and delete from yahoo, reinvest and make 10% so you have £99
yahoo would say you were up 10% where as freetrade would say you were down 1%

That’s one way that yahoo could show a higher gain I guess :thinking:
the total balance should still align though

Freetrade calculates the profit on a first in first out basis, so if you buy 3 lots over 3 weeks then sell 1, the profit in app looks lower as that first lot is now realised, even if your average indicates better. And yes it counts cash in your portfolio.

Appreciate all the comments and ideas,

@manoadamro, that makes a lot of sense.
I have deleted some stocks from Yahoo that I have sold and some were indeed sold at a loss. So that makes a lot of sense. I need to subtract that loss.

I’ve been going through and re-adding deleted stocks and then using a - (minus) to represent a sale… let’s see how that goes.

I could use your “$$CASH” suggestion too, to reflect losses in future.

Today Yahoo shows my portfolio is up £81.32 but I’m not 100% sure that’s being properly shown in Freetrade. I’ll screenshot this evening’s close value in Freetrade and then again after close tomorrow. I don’t plan to make any trades between now and then so I should be able to do a proper like for like comparison and finally put my mind to rest regarding the numbers.

Thanks for the responses guys. Really appreciate it.

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