Changes in portfolio values overnight/weekend

Just checking my account today, studying how to rebalance my portfolio. Yesterday evening after closing time, my portfolio was worth £4275, now it has suddenly jumped to £4282. Where does that change come from? i have seen this happen before during the week at night, so I thought that it might be trading in Asia but at this time, all exchanges are closed so where is the value coming from?

Exchange rate?


does that change over the weekend?

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I’d noticed it myself. Unless it’s just adjustments by broker for final share price?

I don’t know for sure, but in the Yahoo finance app I always see prices changing after mkt closed or close to reopening. Maybe that’s it.

I might have encountered something similar, I’m just starting out on Freetrade so its a smaller scale than yours but at UK market close yesterday I had £168.60 which rose to £168.90 overnight.

Could be a dividend, I’ve noticed my balance updates before I receive the notification/email.

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No dividend as it does not show up in my available cash. The value just changed again. It’s only a small value but I don’t really like these unaccounted changes.


Also experienced this and was curious

my portfolio continues to update its value until around 9/9:30 friday evenings, all my shares are GBP so exchange rate wouldnt affect it?

yahoo is 15 min delayed for LSE stocks, this was really confusing me last week, I was watching LGEN going mad at 4.43pm, turns out it was actually showing the price from 4.28pm

But the changes are overnight and during the weekend, long after aftermarket trading has ended or premarket trading has started. During the week, I could think that maybe the asian exchanges were already open but that does not explain why it changes during the weekend.

Hi all,

There are a few reasons why your portfolio can change out of market hours.

How the portfolio value works is, we continuously recalculate everyone’s portfolio value when the app is opened and show it to you as soon as the calculation is done. This calculation is also done roughly every 4 minutes if you keep viewing the app. This calculation includes the latest prices for your holdings multiplied by the amount of shares you own in those specific instruments.

For US stocks we also continuously update the FX rate (which does not update over the weekend but does throughout the day on weekdays) in order to show the portfolio value in GBP. The portfolio value also includes the cash that you hold in your account.

After the market closes we continue to listen to price updates to obtain a close of day price, which might update your portfolio value after the market is closed but this shouldn’t be a changing value long after market closure.

A few causes that could lead to you seeing movement after market hours include:

  • Retrieval of close of day price post market closure
  • FX changes out of US market hours
  • Not waiting long enough for the calculation to complete when checking the app, which would then finish calculating at next app open
  • Dividends that get updated on your app after UK market hours (for UK holdings) or before US market hours (for US holdings)

Hopefully this clarifies how the portfolio calculation can update at seemingly odd hours. :slight_smile:

If none of these seem plausible or you think you might be seeing different behaviour or potential bugs, please DM me or send a message through the in-app chat so that we can take a closer look.


I have had the same. Friday night was £104.79 and before the market opened this morning I was at £100.04. All shares are LSE.

I know I’m dealing in small change but it doesn’t give me confidence after only 1 week of using it.

The Friday price at the same time is now 104.32…

Am I missing something obvious? I am quite new to this but surely historical prices can’t change?

Ive seen this also, all I can think is ,cancelled buy orders, on other platforms maybe?

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