Yahoo finance HELP / Portfolio tracking

Hello everyone,

I thought it might be a good idea to track my Portfolio with Yahoo finance. It looks all simple and straight forward but I must be doing something wrong.

I add ‘a lot’ for example:

Stock A purchased at 12.03.2019 / 1 share / for £200

Yahoo finance shows me the current market value and the Day change and so on – WHY does it not show me the overall gain/loss (the same gain loss that I see within the Freetrade app for Stock A).

I hope there is someone out there that has tried to build their portfolio with Yahoo finance.

Maybe I am doing something wrong or maybe its not possible to get what I want.

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My experience is that Y portfolios is solid for US stocks priced and purchased in dollars, and can be more confusing for UK/Eu stocks priced or purchased in different currencies. Like: if you buy, say, WMT you’re going to put the purchase price in dollars but the summary and the market value will display in whatever currency you set in the settings, in my case pounds. And Y’s annualised gain/loss thing only makes sense if you’ve held a stock more than a year - when the holding period is less than a year it seems to extrapolate forward, ie guess.

tbh I’m never sure if I’ve put the right numbers in. Y doesn’t agree with Freetrade on current value or gain, but I assume that’s down to data source, data delay, or exchange rate calculations. Or user error.

And I try not to worry about it too much about the difference. (Actually I’d be quite happy with a portfolio app that roughly rounded values up or down to the nearest X because I’m trying to think only about the 15-20 year goal and not how things are going today.)


Thanks @rod and good to know its not only me. You guessed right – I have stocks UK/US and my currency is Pounds – you get the idea

I have build something together with google which works okish – Seems I will give up on that yahoo portfolio – too good to be true

Btw if you’re using Google spreadsheets you might find it fails to get current prices for UK mutual funds (not that there are any mfs tradable on Freetrade I think, but I have some). If that’s relevant to you, it’s a Google finance data problem and they don’t seem bothered to fix it.

(It’s discussed elsewhere on this community. It’s what drove me from Google to Yahoo in the first place :slight_smile: )

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I followed that other discussion here and also got the advice to use Webull – but google finance seems ok so far and don’t have any mutual funds – it shows me a slightly worse performance but thats ok as it motivates me haha

@CEY Have you added the price average per share to each stock (shown on your FT portfolio)? Yahoo will work out your gain/loss based on this.

Just seen that there is now a Portfolio 2.0 on Yahoo Finance as a beta - giving transaction, cash management and dividend handling. Big improvement on the first look. When transitioning a portfolio to the new system it clones it so you don’t muck up the original.

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