Queued orders still

My buying and selling orders are stil showing pending?

Anyone else?


Yep. Lots of problems going on this week. Hopefully we have an update as to why this is and it’s resolved by next week.

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Same here although my free share queued has now gone, oh got the notification today for my free share I got yesterday :joy:

Hi there,

Due to an ongoing technical issue with one of our partner providers, some in-app functions have been affected:

  • Basic Orders queued today have not been placed
  • Apple/Google Pay is temporarily disabled
  • Bank transfers are delayed, even if you’ve received a notification
  • The activity feed may not update with recent orders

For Basic Orders that have been queued today, we’re currently looking into this further and we’ll notify everyone affected with an update.

Not happy about this at all. Missing out on buying quite a few in the dip.



I can’t cancel the order actually there’s no cancel tab now! Today’s basic order.

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Been so many technical issues this week, which system is at fault for all of this?

Also got a queued order that didn’t execute

Just had a notification from Coconut that their experiencing issues with the app and that their banking partner is experiencing technical issues.

The fintechs and London Stock Exchange are having a stinker this week with technical issues.

I hope the stock market plunges on Tuesday so I can buy cheaper :wink::crossed_fingers:

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Sorry about that, our Engineering team are looking into the cancel issue now.

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Very disappointed, I want the option to cancel the order. Incase the price goes up, might be small compared to others, but I was investing around £220 in this case…

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Our Engineers are working to make this possible, we’ll provide an update as soon as this is available to you.


Can you not allow customers affected to do a free instant trade?


It will do, just see how the US market closed. It’s gonna get a lot worse, time to buy people :grinning::+1:t3:


At least the market tanked. But still I think customers affected should be offer either a free order or free share. Or something.


Basic Orders can now be cancelled before 4pm on Tuesday.


Intern season!

In case you’ve not seen my in-app message:

If you would like your order to be executed earlier, please cancel your order and place it again as an Instant order (during market hours) before 4pm on Tuesday. We will refund you the £1 fee, you just need to contact us in-app once your order is complete.

Note: The UK market is closed this Bank Holiday Monday and Basic orders will next execute Tuesday at 4pm. Instant orders are still available for US stocks on Monday.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue.


Cancel it and do what? If the price goes up it may never drop so low again or only when it’s heading towards bankruptcy

Have basic orders gone through today ?
Mine is still sitting as queued ?