Technical issue processing orders


I placed a dozen basic orders yesterday: two executed, one was rejected and the rest are still queued.

I’ve since received an in-app message, saying: "We’re having a technical issue with the processing of some orders. Any orders affected will still show as queued.

“We are looking in to this with our partner provider and will get back to you as soon as possible with an update.”

Anyone else experiencing similar issues? Is it an Android-only bug?


Android is out :robot: share your thoughts once you're up & running

This happened to me as well today on iOS. Something similar happened with another broker earlier on in the week. From what I’ve gathered sometimes these things can’t be helped.


(Parrish Claxton) #3

Yes my order hasn’t been processed today. The first issue I’ve had though. iOS



I imagine batch trades lend themselves to technical issues. All the more reason for Freetrade to execute basic orders twice a day − uncover a problem in the AM and have it fixed by the PM or vice versa.

In fairness, it’s also the only real bug I’ve encountered testing Android this week.

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Same problem here one order rejected yesterday and two queued today (though one got through).


(Alex Sherwood) #6

This issue’s been resolved now & you’ll have received an update from our support team in the app if you were affected.

If anything else comes up, please drop us a message in the app :pray: