Queued orders scheduled for '3PM tomorrow'

Just placed 3 small orders, outside opening hours so they’re queued - no problem. When I check them in ‘Queued orders’ I see:
“Your order is scheduled for tomorrow from 3PM”. Scratches head…Surely they should be queued until LSE opens at 8AM?
Am I being dim?

The app is speaking the truth: queued orders are executed after 3pm the following day. If you want it to execute in the morning, then you’ll need to carry out the trade yourself (cancelling the queued order first).


I’d liked to know more about why this is too? I’ve never really queued anything knowing that the market can shift drastically in that time.

Basic trades used to be handled in bulk at 3 pm while instant trades used to cost £1. That’s likely a remainder of that time. Also, the US market only opens at 2.30, so freetrade would need to split these queues.

Ahhh…Thank you :grinning: I shall do exactly as you suggest :+1:

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Don’t know the rationale but when they used to charge for trades, the free trades were done after 4pm (later changed to 3pm, presumably because of increased volumes). Maybe they batch the trades because it’s more easily done that way?
Anyhow, I’ve found more often than not that the price decreases during the day so I’m OK with that. But then I’m only buying indexing trackers, and I’m not trying to time the market. YMMV.

Resurrecting this, because I’ve just had a buy order queued.

It’s 3:45pm. The NYSE was closed yesterday, but should be open today. I tried to buy some US stocks just now and they became queued.

What am I missing? Is it something obvious?

Freetrade is having issues with regards to orders on the US stock exchanges.

Yep - I’ve had the same buying Apple. And in the stock details it say’s the US market closed till 2.30 tomorrow

Hi There where did you find out about this - is there a service update page?

Ive just had an order queued too


just received an in app message they have temporarily paused trading for US stocks whilst they investigate a technical issue

No I asked in-app. I don’t know why there has not been an in-app announcement.

I have just had message saying that they have temporarily pause trading for US stocks while they investigate a technical issue. Clearly no good and what a day on the markets for this to happen!!!

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Same here- US stock are temporarily paused. Mines are pending for more than an hour. No idea why there is no announcement. And no clarity whether those orders will be executed and at what price, or get cancelled

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many thanks r

TBH I hope they cancel my orders as stocks I was selling have shot up again since I hit sell

It depends when you put them in. My understanding is the orders are executed but the app is struggling to update to reflect that.

In my case it was like this: I placed an order, it went in to queueing and after some time it was it. Your order is executed at the price you bought or sold, it is just a lag of the UX in the app that is not running smoothly.

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If you go into your ‘Reserved Cash’ and your orders look like this then I believe they have been executed:

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My shares have gone up since I placed my order. Only a few cents but… ARGH.