"Your order is scheduled"


This happened to me for the first time yesterday and i am a bit confused — i placed an order around 16:00 London time and app told me that it is schedule for today 15:00.

Am i still getting yesterday’s price or will I not be able to buy as many stocks in case price moved up?
I read “order policy” but still confused as to why it is not instant and what are the rules.
Can you please clarify?

Was it around 4pm, or was it around 4:30pm? I think anything ordered after 4:30pm for UK stocks goes down as an order to be executed toward the end of the following day.

As far as I’m aware, you won’t get yesterdays price, you’ll get as many shares as the value of what you tried to buy is worth as of 3pm today.

If it was placed at 4pm, then I’m not sure…

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I had this exact question yesterday. If the market is closed it will be processed the following day at 3pm. But you can cancel the order when the market is open and buy instantly.

So why is it not scheduled for the market opening time then?

I don’t understand this either, I cancelled my order this morning and did an instant order. Maybe this will change with limit orders etc on FT plus.

Because FT had one time for all batched orders (going to both uk and us markets). It was originally 1600 later changed to 1500.

I guess it was my bad then, didn’t realise it closes at 16:30. It might’ve been something silly like 16:35 Oh well, here goes 2%

[edit[ Am i correct to assume that US stocks are only instant starting 14:30 because that is the time when US market is open?

Instant between 2:30pm and 9pm UK time I believe, scheduled for 3pm next day any time after 9pm.

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Yes, all orders are instant when the market is open but batched when closed. The timing is a hangover from when not all orders were free for instant trades so you had a batched order made once per day to satisfy UK and USA market opening times.

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