Trading starts at 15:00

I am new to Freetrade, but, I was wondering whether what we saw today with not being able to do anything until 15:00 was because of the FX provider issues?

Intrigued to know if someone could help out, please!

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Welcome! There’s an article explaining below and from another thread the engineering team are working on solutions over the weekend to see if they can work around it somehow next week


US trading is ordinarily 1430-2100 UK time while the LSE is open 0830-1630
FYI within each stock page you should be able to click a link that opens the respective market times for that stock too :grinning:

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Thanks so much for the explanation!

So, if the market had opened normally today (which by my reckoning, I wasn’t able to buy/sell at 14:30 because of the FX issues), I’d have been able to trade live without any issue from 14:30? An order placed BEFORE market opens is executed at the price it is at 15:00?

Is the 30 minutes after opening for Basic Orders to give time for it to execute?

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Yup. Exactly.

Not sure of the exact reason behind it. If I had to guess, I’d assume it’s to give the price time to stabilise after any opening spikes or dips.

I think zacs right and it also aligns that before freetrade made all instant trades free (used to be £1) most free transactions occurred in one big batch at 3pm so maybe a throwback?

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I remember the days of 3pm orders. Good memories


The good old days ay…:blush:

The days we were glad to have a free stock broker even if it meant delayed trades.

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