15:00 GMT US Order Time

Hi all- probably a total newb question, but is there a reason why US orders are executed at 15:00 GMT vs 14:30 (i.e. 9:30 EST when US markets open). Yesterday was the first time i’ve placed an order outside of market trading (what with the US holiday yesterday), so just wondering at what time the order will be priced at (i.e. Friday’s market close price, today’s market open price or the price at 10:00 EST).

Thanks in advance.


You’ll get the price at the time the order executes. Order have gone through at 3pm since the start, at first all Free orders used to go through at 3pm and you had to pay £1 for an instant order. Now instant order are free but queued orders still go through at 3.

To be honest this is probably better than doing it straight away at market open, as it can be a bit volatile when it opens

Thanks for the reply Dave- appreciate it.
Enjoy your day.


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