Question about trading opening times


Just wondering why is it we see trades moving at 8am in the UK but we can’t buy stocks until 10am.

Is this to give time for stocks to adjust from orders placed outwith trading times or?


You can buy UK stocks at 8am

It depends when you place the actual order. An order placed when the market is open will be instantly, when the market is closed, it will be the following day at a set time.


Yeah it was that like you can buy them but it won’t be placed until 10am is what I mean. So like what’s happening between 8am and 10am just wondering?

UK markets open at 8, but my sells take place at 10am is another example. Not a complaint, just also wondering what the process is behind the scenes.

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Are you pressing the ‘sell’ button after 4:30pm and before 8am? If so they won’t get executed until 10am

Press it at 8am and it’ll execute usually.


I was trying at 9pm and it says markets closed until 10am still for me hummm sorry I mean it’s open but the order won’t execute u till 10am.

If you place the order out of hours, the UK market defaults to 10am, but if you execute it yourself you can do it any time while the market is open.


I think the reason queued orders are executed at 10am might be to give some time for prices to settle a bit.
At opening time stocks can be more volatile, which would make it more likely for orders to fail as per the best price execution policy.

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I have seen no evidence that the UK market defaults to 10am. I don’t see such a rule for the LSE.

I know for sure that several brokers fill orders immediately when the market opens.

Pretty sure Freetrade fills at 10, I think the volatility at open is the reason

It used to be 3pm, as I think they did US order at the same time.


@Dave is right. You used to pay £1 for an instant trade or a basic 3pm trade was free.

Setting it at 10am allows for you to adjust your trade if the market doesn’t do what you’d expect

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Yes FT fills at 10. That is FT policy for Basic UK trades. Basic US trade is at 3 pm.

But this is not what I am talking about. I am saying that I have seen no evidence that is default UK market behaviour.

I’m not sure there is a default UK market behaviour. I think it’s down to the individual broker. I expect most of them just push it though straight away at open

I never place order outside market hours but if I did I think I’d prefer 10 am as you have time to cancel it if the stock makes a massive unexpected move at open.

Yup, I was replying to someone who said it was default UK market behaviour.

The problem with this interface is that it is not always obvious that people are replying to a particular message.

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You can highlight some text and then click quote to do this or @bitflip people with the @ then user name.


True. Good point.

The situation today is that one’s reply appears twice … once as a drop down to the original message and also as a stand alone message.

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