Queue an instant trade for when the market opens


When the FTSE is closed, I’d quite like the ability to schedule an ‘instant’ trade for immediately the market opens.

Could this be a thing?


I agree as my queued traded say they can are purchased at 4pm the next day. Why is this?


You can cancel

Pay £1 for instant

(Vladislav Kozub) #4

If you raise a basic order after 4 pm, it will automatically be scheduled for 4 pm next business day.

But what if he sleeps until 6 pm? :slight_smile:

I guess the idea is to make order requests 24/7, whilst they will be executed as soon as the market opens. Say I raise an order at 5 am, then go to bed until the next evening, ultimately wasting a market day, but at least I know that it will be instantly executed as soon as the LSE is live.


Good point! However I meant now he can do that

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How? On the proviso that he sleeps during market hours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right now, this second. They can cancel the trade

And re order as instant?

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But the market is open and Peter is sleeping. He needs the ability to do that at 5 am, which is not currently possible for instant trades.

It is a minor thing that will not be applicable to many clients, but certainly has its own flexibility benefits.


But he’s just posted ? :joy:I take your point

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Not sure why but I can’t “like” the OP - but have voted!

I mainly have time in the evenings to look at Fretrade. I’d like to be able to pay for a instant trade that will go through as soon as market opens.

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Just putting this out there, hopefully one of the freetrade team can comment, is it cost prohibitive to have 2 bulk orders a day for free trades? Maybe when the user base is big enough?

For example if volume is enough, for those that miss the free bulk trade at 4pm it automatically moves to a 9am bulk trade the next working day?

This may water down the value of the instant trading revenue so don’t want to mess with the profitability of freetrade but would be a great feature to keep more of the ‘free’ in freetrade


I think 4pm could partially be because of the cross over between UK and USA market opening hours.