Christmas trading

Sooo, this free instant trades over Christmas, nice promise but… Anyone else notice that the only trades you can make will only complete on Friday?

Am I being thick?

That’s because the markets are closed, so the trades it is showing is the basic trades for 4pm Friday. If you look during market open times then it will let you do instant trades.


Yes, there is no off-market trading, so you need to wait until the market is open again. What’s the problem?

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"Basic Orders are not available on 24, 26 and 31 December, but the good news is that on those dates, Instant Orders will be free of charge. :gift:

You’ll be charged at the time of the order, but we’ll automatically refund you within seven days."

… Is not what I experienced, that’s all.

If it said" you can’t trade when the markets are closed (which until Friday) then I wouldn’t be so confused!

You can trade US stocks today for free. Just the UK market is closed. The freetrade message is spot on, albeit slightly confusing due to the circumstances.


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Thanks for the feedback here!

Just to confirm, when the market is closed, Instant Orders are not available to queue and can only be processed when the market is open. Only Basic Orders would be able to be queued (with the next available Basic Order going through on the 27th December).

The US Market will be open as of 2:30PM GMT :clock1: today up until 9PM GMT to place an Instant Order, which are free today with the Instant Order fee being refunded within 7 days.

The UK Market will be closed all day today, but will be open as normal tomorrow for both Instant and Basic Orders!