The US market is currently closed

According to my freetrade app, “The US market is currently closed. It will re-open at 2:30pm on 01 Feb. View market opening hours.” But the US market is very clearly open but I can’t even sell my shares. Anyone else?

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But I’m trying to sell. Is it both ways?

Did you read the pop-up message in app?

Possibly just a slow in service due to demand at the moment.

did you? we should be able to sell if we want to. and the market isnt closed so why would thew app say it is?

In one of the notes it explains you won’t be able to sell at market open. Unsure if that’s 15 minutes or 30 or an hour.

doesn’t explain why the app says the market is closed until 1st of feb though.

To stop people trying to buy I assume. I’m able to sell now, the message hasn’t changed though.

I think FT should seriously consider suing their FX provider as this decision is FT revenue and business lost due to stopping US buys


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