Stock Market closed

Happy Thanksgiving to all community…

I am well aware the US market (NYSE & Nasdaq) was closed for today 28th Nov 2019. And will open Tomorrow 29th Nov 2019 asusual and close an hour early for a shortened trading day.

However Freetrade shows US market will open on 02nd Dec 2019.

But i wasn’t aware of UK Market (LSE & AIM) has a shortened day on Freetrade. My other platform still shows UK market open for trading and will close 16:30 UK Time.

Is not a half day tomorrow? 2:30-6 GMT?

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Yeah, perhaps… you are correct.

I knew they had a short trading day tomorrow then a friend mentioned it’s an hour short trading… but the reason I wanted to highlight this is freetrade showing US market will open 02 Dec. So I wasn’t sure it that was correct and not typo error.