4 p.m. transaction time

Do we have to get our trades in before 4 p.m. or is there any post-market wiggle room? Is it an absolute cut-off time? Thanks.


UK market is until 4.30
Hard cutoff for us here sadly. Tesco doesn’t let you shop after hours either :wink:
US markets are open longer/differently.

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Thanks for the reply Seb. That’s fine, just didn’t want to miss it!

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The New York Stock Exchange hours are 9:30 am to 4:00 pm New York time, and like the London Stock Exchange, when the market is closed, it’s closed :bell: . (Some high-priced brokers and fund managers do trade after hours, but those are deals made directly between buyers and sellers, not on the stock exchange, and not something us little folk can participate in. Or should want to.)

Why do New York brokers get to have a lazy start to their day but London has to be open at 8:00? :thinking:

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Just to check, so when you say, ‘US markets are open longer/differently’, I appreciate UK wise the NAZ and NYSE shut at 9 pm, but it’s still the same 4 pm cut off in the UK for US stocks?

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access to markets is based on their local time and not where you are shopping from :+1: So for example we can still buy coinbase after LSE shuts through FT until new york shuts.


Cheers. Just realised, I was watching a YT vid saying Freetrade do all their trades at 4 pm daily and it’s dated 2019! Must have been from when they were still in development…So it’s just biz as usual. Cool.

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If you place an order after hours it goes through at 9.30am for UK or 3pm for US in a big bundle. It used to be 3pm for all and it used to be the free option but this is sort of redundant now.

Works in our favour:

US has longer trading hours than UK, but we can work on UK from 8am until 4:30, & can work on US from 3:30 until their closing bell at a 11:30 (in 19 mins as I post).

We win.

Oh is NASDAQ different? I thought NYSE was 2.30pm to 9pm.

maybe I the end of day wrong.

Hours of the indices are here listed at the end

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