[Feature Request 🔧] After hours trading 🇺🇸 ⏰

The US stocks (NYSE and NASDAQ in particular) are available for trading 16 hours a day, rather than from 9:30 to 16:00 (EST).

It would be great to have that ability with Freetrade too. Imagine waking up at 9 am in the UK (haha, I wish!) and buying £5 of Amazon, then going to bed at about 2 am with another instant £10 of Tesla in your pocket :wink:

I would love to get in on after hours trading. It’s where all the price action seems to happen and I’m always behind because of it. Can’t wait for those US stocks, add after hours and I’m totally hooked.


Yeah this would be good! And there’s loads more time in in the evenings to look into investments :+1:t3:


I’m up for this but I’m assuming it’s a long way in the distance if Freetrade go for it?


As always, I believe it will depend on how complex the implementation is. If it is just a quick request/action with Freetrade’s US stocks service provider, cannot see why it will take long. If there are regulatory aspects, engineering input and a bunch of other things, then the delay will be justified.


Voted for this. Can’t tell you how many opportunities I missed out on over the years through trading time limitations.

Has any exchange proposed 24 hour trading? Seems like it would make sense in our global world with much trading automated to have 24 hour markets instead of closing at odd times related to a physical location.


I think the reason against that is liquidity. Maybe the marketmakers incur more costs than potentially benefitting from the night trading? Just guessing, not sure why it is the case.


I voted for this but just wondered if this will only benefit instant orders correct? Queued orders will still execute next day. In a way, this would encourage more instant orders.


This has to be at the top of the Roadmap. So much value is lost becuase you can only order after the bell


AAPL up 5% after market hours. Probably worth showing in the app future and as many suggest, enable buying and selling post-market and pre-market hours in the future as there’s a lot of value in it.



This happened to me with visa during the week. Good ER spiked the price to 141 after hours everyone sold only for it to be down 2% the next day during regular hours. Glad I held out, finally spiked yesterday

Could even make After Hours Trading an Alpha feature and it might bring in more subscriptions.


That would convince me for sure, was looking forward to putting some pennies in crispr this morning since it’d hit a relatively low dip last night, woke up to find it had climbed ~4.5% in after hours:’(

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Whereas overall I agree (and pre-market please, US starts at 9am UK time), a note of caution here. The thread clearly indicates interest in trading through earnings, which then implies short-term holding. To be honest, at £1 per trade and no spread widening, FT is highly suitable for day/short swing trading, and with no leverage, there is no account blow-up risk.

People should however be aware that FT is not a b-booker, so the low liquidity in the AH market may surprise some people, and as liquidity decreases, bid/offer widens. Sure, you’re always OK trading AAPL or NFLX earnings, but with some of the less fashionable stocks, inexperienced users might get a few shocks.


Forex is 24h so it can be done.

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Is there anyway on Freetrade currently or perhaps in the pipeline that will allow investors to buy in the pre-market. PM opens at 8am EST for the NYSE for example. Obviously Basic orders would lose the advantage but an Instant order would allow for the execution right then and there. Just a thought

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That’s in line with the current offering. Of course, Alpha would then presumably make out of hours trading free since it will make instant trades free (besides the Alpha fee, of course).


I deleted my message I’ve been up since 5…my bad! I thought you were saying it’s a huge selling point that its all “free”. I don’t mind paying the extra £1/$1/€1 to lock in the better price. Each to their own I suppose.

And yes I would like to see it personally as an investor but also as one in FT