Market hours and deposits over the holidays 🎄

Just like many of us, the stock market and banks close for some rest and relaxation over the holidays.

Here are all the dates you need to know.

When are the stock markets closed?

  • Tue 24 Dec: Early closure (UK 12:30 GMT, US 18:00 GMT)
  • Wed 25 Dec: Markets closed
  • Thu 26 Dec: UK closed, US open
  • Tue 31 Dec: Markets open (UK closes at 12:30 GMT)
  • Wed 1 Jan: Markets closed

Can I still make a deposit into my Freetrade account?

Yes, you can still make a deposit. 25 and 26 December and 1 January are bank holidays, and your bank transfers will not be processed. Not to worry, you’ll see your deposit in-app on the next working day. Apple Pay and Google Pay will be processed as usual.

How about any other questions I have over the holidays?

Support will be available 9:00-17:00 over the holidays - apart from Christmas Day, when we’ll be stuffing our faces with sprouts and arguing over board games. :santa:t3:

As always, buzz us with any questions.

A special gift for you

Basic Orders are not available on 24, 26 and 31 December, but the good news is that on those dates, Instant Orders will be free of charge. :gift:

You’ll be charged at the time of the order, but we’ll automatically refund you within seven days.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Freetrade! :christmas_tree:

Our Operations team enjoying their Christmas meal :christmas_tree:


Is that Rob’s face being hidden by Dan’s head? :joy::rofl::joy:

It’s a bit creepy how I’ve never met the team, but can recognise at least 5 of them from the in app chat avatars.

Hope you all had a lovely lunch! Wishing you all much merriment for this festive period!