Update to Basic Order timing, now 3 PM ⏰

Hi All :wave:

Due to the growing volume of Basic Orders, we’ve decided to move our Basic Orders to 3 PM to allow for more time to process them all. :alarm_clock:

If you place a Basic Order after 3 PM, we will carry it over to the next trading day.

As always, if you have any questions you can buzz us in-app! :+1:


Does this mean your order may execute any time between 1500 and 1630? Or will it be at 1500? Just thinking about potential price fluctuations.

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Hi :wave:

Thanks for your question! The Basic Orders will begin to process at 3 PM but they may continue to process for an additional 30 minutes depending on the volume of orders in the batch.


As a US dividend investor, this isn’t a great move imo. It only gives half an hour to gauge the general direction and feel of the market and submit your orders. Prices can fluctuate dramatically in that period before establishing their trend for the day. I’m trying to build positions in certain stocks and so prefer to buy on solid ‘down’ days.


I think that if the timing is important enough to you that you are trying to gauge the trend on the day you should probably just pay the quid and do an instant order


Agreed. This is just a tradeoff with basic orders being free. :slight_smile:


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Thanks for your feedback on this - we’ll consider it within the team!

+1…I would do this for all shares I’d imagine but ETFs I understand. As a shareholder I’m happy to pay the €1/£1 not just to keep the lights on but to put enough money in to blow the fucking bulbs!


Thanks for the info.

I agree with @PeakOwl that it doesn’t give much time to observe the start of US trading. The most volatility occurs in the first few hours of trading, so there’s a bigger risk that the price could dramatically change. I know you could always use an instant order, but if you’re ditching a bad stock near break even price that could mean the difference between being in the red or black.


Like many others, I’m just trying to optimise my entry prices and minimise my costs. With just half an hour between US market open and cut-off time for placing orders, I feel this move makes that task more difficult for investors in US stock.

I am of corse willing to pay up on occasion to get the prices I’m after (and have done so several times already) but other customers may be less keen to do so…

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Thanks, Meghan. :+1:

Just thinking out loud (as I have no idea on the proportion of orders between the 2 markets), but perhaps another option could be to bring forward the cut-off time for UK orders to earlier in the day and leave the US at 4pm?

Maybe that defeats the object of having a single execution though?

Maybe, but as the platform expands and order volumes continue to grow, what’s to say they won’t have to move the cut-off time forward again someday?

And with US markets opening at 2.30pm, there’s little room for manoeuvre there, before orders are having to be placed prior to market open.

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Hopefully, this is a move towards executing basic trades twice a day.


Let’s hope so - I don’t think one single time for basic trades is going to cut it with all the competition out there. Maybe the elusive Alpha account options might offer more flexibility.


Thanks for the info. When will you update the app UI?

Is it only basic orders now?

Hi :wave:

As both UK and US markets are closed at this time of day, yes, only Basic Orders are available. Any order that you place now will be executed at around 3PM tomorrow.

Instant Orders, which are commission-free, will be available during the hours that the markets are open.

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Thank you for the reply.
Why doesn’t it default to market opening?


It’s a legacy of the time when only Basic (batch) orders were free. We’re thinking to move it to the beginning of the day, but we have a few priorities (fractionals, be US stocks, and more) before we can look at this potential change.