Graphs Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Also, I don’t know if it’s related but the 1D graph can be problematic from UK market open till afternoon at time

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Max view is also mirroring month view

Yep my max view is only going back about a month now

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No this isnt happening for me (android)

Same problem 1Y and Max charts showing 1M data??

I had the same issue today (Android), the graph is only displaying from 20th May onwards regardless of whether I choose a week, month or “max” views. I was told to try and uninstall / reinstall the app but that didn’t make the slightest difference.

I once had some odd spikes on the graph and someone from customer services was able to refresh the graph on their systems. Maybe our graphs need refreshing to restore the correct timescales or maybe this is a deeper issue? :man_shrugging:

Yea one of the things I tried was uninstalling the app and reinstalling it but had no joy… I will reach out to freetrade via the chat on Monday

Having the same issue on android

Thanks for flagging this. We’re rolling out an improved portfolio chart to make the app start more quickly (and remove that morning log). It seems like some of your accounts didn’t have their old data migrated properly. Sincere apologies for that. We’ll take a look now and make sure your data is fully migrated.


Looks like not everybody was backfilled. Sincere apologies. We’ve kicked off another one now and your historical data will be there in the next few days (it takes a while). If you need to see the data sooner please contact customer services and we can prioritise.

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Switching between general investment and ISA portfolios us now much faster… It no longer takes twenty seconds…more like four or five…

My charts are being drawn much quicker, but they are visibly being redrawn three or four times, resulting in charts flashing on/off on the screen.

Thanks @caribo - that’s great news. I think the flashing may always have been there but it’s more obvious now. We’re looking at it too.

My portfolio charts now only show what looks like a months worth of data? Is this still being worked on Ian? Thanks

Yes sorry @AJHY. It will take a few days to bring everybody over. If you contact customer service we can also prioritise you.


Thanks, mine is fixed now

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Thanks for the info @Ian and great work FT, keep it up!


Thank you! It’s great to get all feedback, especially this kind :smile:


Mine seems to be sorted now @Ian thanks :+1:

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