Cant get into my account

Hi .
As anyone else had any problems getting into there account?
Been a nightmare and customer service as been a complete waste of time .
When I try to log into my account, I can type in the first 2 numbers , the my page freezes.
If iam able to get the 4th number typed in , all I get is buffering.
I have been in contact with FreeTrade and had 6 different people send me a apology and that’s about it .
I have uninstalled 3 times and nothing.
Iam a premier customer with 2 accounts and a pension.
With over £20K invested, I just want out .
Not been able to access my accounts for over a week .
Any advice wouid help or a number or person I can contact ?
Thank you for you time .
A very disappointed customer

I have had issues loading the app on my android phone but I use my ipad and its working OK.

Thank for getting back to me .
I thought you couid only use FreeTrade on you phone ?
I trade every day and it’s been a complete nightmare.
Customer service are the worst ever and so clueless its embarrassing.
Iam planning on lodging a complaint with the financial services and close all my accounts.
As soon as I can get access.
Have a wonderful day :+1::+1::+1:

A few of us are having the same problem, seems to affect accounts with larger portfolios. Still waiting for a fix - no idea how long that will be, soon hopefully because it’s almost unusable.

Thank you for getting back to me .
I do have a large portfolio on my ISA , small portfolio on my pension and GI .
I have had 6 contact me from FreeTrade, got to say a complete waste of time , so clueless, its embarrassing.
Iam a premier customer with a large amount of capital, which I have not been able to access for a week now.
Free trade wasnt my first choice .
Iam on 4 other platforms and never had a problem.
Really not sure what to do ?
Iam going to make a formal complaint to financial services.
I cant believe iam paying extra money for a point service

Are you using version 1.0.17641 of the app? I’ve found this is much better (still slight delay when changing graph timelines

I uninstalled FreeTrade twice and asnt made any difference.
I can not believe I have spoken to t different people from FreeTrade ( via email ) .
Clueless, have no idea what to say or do .
How are these people employed?

i’ve just installed 1.0.17735. Working fine here, but I don’t have that many holdings (14 different tickers)

The version numbers seem to be incrementing quickly so they’re obviously trying to fix the problems

For those having problems have you updated to the latest version in the play store? Made sure all apps (e.g. webview etc) are updated, and the latest available system updates are installed? Cleared data in the app, rebooted phone? logged in again

Also, coming to the forum to insult the support staff isn’t particularly helpful, having been on both ends of the line more often than not the user is the person who is clueless - if the quality of forum posts are as clear and easy to understand as the emails to freetrade then i can see where the problem is.


Just done the update, all looking good. Was pretty much inaccessible before, now been running around 15 minutes no problems, fingers crossed. I’ve got just over 100 holdings.

I have issues since Monday as well, after I logged on, it was endlessly loading and when I did get to my portfolio, it was really slow

I have tried everything.
This as been going on for over a week .
I get pointless emails from 7 different people, but nothing as been done .
Iam a premier customer with 3 different accounts, which iam paying .
Insult ?
Let’s see how you wouid feel if you have £25,000 in your account and get get access to your money . I cant trade or even see any of my accounts .
Iam not a rude person.
Just fed up with the very poor customer service.
If you have been on both sides , you can tell me why nothing as been down .
Iam sure there is a technical department, shouid have least contact me .
I have had to call my bank to stop all my fee .
I have to contact the Financial services to lodge a complaint and find out how to get my money .
Let’s hope your never in the same situation as iam .
£25,000 to FreeTrade is nothing, but it’s a lot of money to me .
The important thing it’s my money and not FreeTrade.
You can defend them as much as you like , just be grateful your never put in my position.

I’ve had intermittent issues, (taking a few goes to log in, but I’ve been able to buy stocks today no problem) I have almost as much as you cash wise, hold over 90 stocks, but I’ve had no problem speaking to customer service. I left a message on the app chat, got a reply within a few minutes, and even got a follow up email to apologise for the issues, within 30 minutes.

They are aware of the issues, and the tech guys are working on it as we speak. Although it does appear they are struggling to create a permanent fix.

:eyes: “Premier”.

You’ve installed today’s update? I had all of the same issues as you, this update seems to have fixed the problem.

Just updated the latest software on Google play. Working a lot more smoothly now. I have a large portfolio. Sometimes it’s nice not too keep checking my portfolio. It’s actually gone up a nice amount! Invest and forget is sometimes the best way,

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I trade every day , so I haven’t got the option to not looks at my accounts.
I have surplus money and have to make it work for me .
I have invested £25000 in the last 3 months and £4000 just sitting there making 3% interest . By August I wouid have max out my ISA and pension and will only be able to use GI .
FreeTrade part of just a small part of my portfolio, my stock and shares. ( long term investment) .
I use 3 other platforms for cypto, CDF and short trading .
Hense surplus profits.
Just nice to access my accounts as a premier customer.
Thanks for your time .
Enjoy rest of your week :+1::+1::+1::+1::clinking_glasses::tada::partying_face:


Sorry to hear some of you are having this issue when trying to log into your accounts.

Could you please make sure you’ve updated your app to the latest version 1.0.17735.

Our technical team are looking into all possible causes so that this doesn’t happen on the latest version of the app.


Just curious what you mean by this, as I don’t think I’ve ever heard of such an account? Do you mean Plus?

I’ve updated to the latest version and have been able to view my portfolios, also buy and sell.

Still a bit clunky when switching between accounts but it’s at least workable now.

Tthanks for getting back to me .
I have uninstalled and reinstall.
I will try again later :+1::+1::+1: