Can’t open app

Help when I try opening app on my iPad can not open tried removing app and reinstalling still nothing anyone having the same issues

Can we have an update on this please. I’m experiencing the same issue

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same issue since the app updated itself last night.

have tried deleting/re-installing
offloading app and re-installing
switching to 4G

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FYI I have the app running on another device on IOS 15.3.1 with v3.8.7 of the app - im hesitant to update in case it breaks.

Still nothing just blank screen the password doesn’t appear still waiting to hear back from freetrade

We’re investigating this and will provide an update here shortly.

Does your update work on an iphone 6?

Would appear it no longer works on old devices (iphone 6) since last update. Dead in the water at present.

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My FT app not working on iOS :face_with_head_bandage:

It’s been laggy and unresponsive for a few weeks now.

Can you offer us an old version of the app to use? Really poor that we have no way to access our account or money.


Is there any update?

Once the issue was discovered why couldn’t you roll back the previous version which did work?

It’s really shocking that we haven’t been able to access our account for several days now. Sort it out Freetrade

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Still nothing didn’t think it would take this long to fix the iPad issue

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I’m on iPhone 5s and my app hasn’t worked since the update either. I had a couple of email replies saying they’re investigating the issue but they need to start pulling their fingers out and at least provide people with what’s going on. Going to start losing customers big time otherwise.

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This is a problem I have and very annoying. Been ongoing now for several days and still no solution. This needs sorting ASAP !

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3.9.4 is a disaster - don’t download it, have no access to my account at all. Apparently Freetrade engineers are “looking into it” which doesn’t make me think Freetrade are treating this with the urgency it requires. Where are the progress reports ?

Still waiting what is happening getting near a week now

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All sorted.