Browser support

Ive seen theres already been a request for desktop browser support but its been that long the topic has been closed
Anyone the wiser to how far this has got?
would make trading so much better, than trying t do it from a 7inch phone screen :innocent:

I believe this is the most recent response from Dec’ 21


I can’t be the only person to have received today’s email that browser support will be rolling out to plus members in the next few weeks.

Great news.



Massive news! :tada::tada::tada:


Hallelujah :tada: :tada:

Will this stay a plus member only feature? Or is this just for the beta product? I hope you guys make a more in-depth post about browser support before April 6th, as right now i’m looking at Trading 212 for this years Isa again until freetrade can expand their feature list.

Market Analysis seems like a wonderful idea, and if you can incorporate it into the app itself as part of your subscription bundle would definitely give you guys an edge over other investment apps I’ve seen. I would compare it to AJ Bells investment magazine.

Great! This is really good news.

As a non-Plus(sed) user, it’ll likely be a few months or more before I see it but after a nearly three-year wait, that’s fine. :blush:

It’s April fools…. :grin::grin::grin:

DON’T YOU SAY IT :sob::sob::sob: