☑ [Feature Request 🔧] Desktop/Web Interface

On the flip side it seems mental that ii don’t provide their platform for the same cheap rates as Freetrade. Yes it would be good to have this option but with such a cheap service on FT the team really need to prioritise and they started as a mobile app platform so surely that is what to expect.


I had assumed a desktop interface would be a browser based thing, where you log in and access your portfolio on whatever device you’re using. Nice and secure, but on a larger screen, with a keyboard. But, alongside the very easy to use mobile app, not instead of. Perhaps the browser version could have additional features like reports, or sorting facilities for your portfolio, activities, and watchlist.

A thought… Because I’ve not tried - Can you log into the app on different devices? So, in theory, could I have the app on my phone, and on a tablet, and then choose which to use at any given time?


I would assume yes, but why you’d want to I don’t know. Ultimately a Web “session” would be different to the app so I see no reason why you couldnt use both at the same time.

I wonder if this is down to possible exposure and entry points in terms of security. People will always try and target the front end in the hopes of getting into the back end so maybe that’s the reason. Its just simpler to avoid creating an attack vector.

I run a celebrity share trading website (you buy and sell shares in celebs - media exposure affects share pricing) which is clearly just done for fun and I make no money from it. Yet every day I see hacking attempts (quite a lot from China tbh) - though what they hope to gain I’ve no idea as its all run using fake money. There will always be someone looking to exploit a loophole or spend their lives trying to find one so perhaps the FT devs are just avoiding that hassle.


Yes. You can log into multiple devices. I have it on 3 devices. However, if Security was a concern they shouldn’t be allowing access on multiple devices. They should restrict it to just 1 ipad/tablet + 1 phone.

On the topic of Web access - I think most of the people requesting this seem to want an ability to sort their holdings alphabetically, geographically, gain/loss wise, cost wise, etc., in both transaction history and holdings list. They should also include the dividend receipts in a stock either as an income field under the stock or in the list of transactions under the stock with “More” option to expand it to all the transactions under that stock. I think even this small change is effected on the app, it will be easy for most of us.


@freetrade can a web version be added as part of the plus package as an incentive? I don’t know how many people have a plus account but I’m sure with the evident high demand for a Web platform, you’d get a lot of people signing up if it was exclusive to the plus account. You could use the new money to hire more IT engineers to keep improving and building on it. Again not a desktop app, but rather a Web app you can use concurrently on any browser so you can use it on a computer to do/see the finer things like adding stop losses or limit orders on a bigger visual chart etc. I would be more inclined to purchase the plus subscription if it had this feature as it doesn’t seem plus gives you that much more than what the standard account with the ISA gives (a few more stocks, and a little bit of interest that pays for the plus membership). Personally I think if more stuff was added to the plus membership you’d get a lot more revenue especially from people signing up to use the Web version. I watch certain American investors who use webull platform in the USA and I love their charts and technical analysis, and wish we could have something similar. I love freetrade and understand that the Web version isn’t a priority, and also my idea of making a part of the plus version may not bode well with those who don’t want to pay for the most premium account, I wonder whether it would help freetrade to bring in so many more investors. I’m of a slightly younger generation so smart phone investing is fine for me and I love freetrade as it is so simple, taught me all of the basics I needed to know, but now I’m ready to see more data and stats and feel limited but I don’t want to leave freetrade as I’m happy with my ISA. Opening up the Web will bring in so much revenue not just within the UK but in Europe and all the other markets you hope to get into.


Hi @Daevwill, we chatted about web at the recent community meetup. Our apologies that we were not able to share the video from that event after all.

We’re actively exploring a web interface.

What we don’t want to do is just launch something on web right now like a scaled-up version of the iPad app, for example.

Instead, we will launch a purpose-designed product for web that will be able to scale and support all account types that we’ll launch over time. We are also considering how the current freetrade.io website will work alongside a web interface. So there’s a lot that’s going on in this piece of work at the moment.

Given the multiple other priorities we have, this will take a while longer, but we’re sure you’ll love using it when it arrives.


I would like to try Freetrade after joining the 212 refugee convoy but I do not seem to be able to find a PC client. Is Free Trade smart phone only? I do not have a ‘smart phone’ and I have no intention of getting one.


we are missing a freetrade website for those of us who would like to use our laptops to place investments.
also it looks good, and all brokers have one…


This might be the wrong place to post this, please advise me.

Is there are news about whether Freetrade will launch a desktop interface. Freetrade has a great mobile app, much better than most of the other trading sites. However, it lacks a large scale analysis and portfolio charts interface. I have Fidelity, eToro and Vanguard for a lot of my other trading and investing, and I like those interfaces and miss that view with my Freetrade account. :frowning:

Any updates?


Hi FreeTrade Girls and Guys,

Do you have any plans in developing a Desktop version of your App - where one can use Chrome to login etc. this would attract my Generation X and as a result lift your AUA significantly.


This has been requested a bunch and is definitely known about by the team. They’re working on it, but it’s not got a release date.


Vote here: ☑ [Feature Request 🔧] Desktop/Web Interface

Yes, I couldn’t agree more.

I’m fed-up with using my phone. Freetrade will become a more serious broker once a proper website is set up. Big fan btw.



Hi @DrunkenMonkey thanks for your input …

If you would like to vote or follow this topic you can do so below. There are plenty of like minded people as well as explanations for the lack of this feature.

Hi Neil,
Thanks. I have now voted for this.
Do you know when will the results of the vote be announced or a decision made?
That thread is around 4 years old !
Thanks a lot

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The way the voting works on the forum is really as way of gauging the appetite for a topic. They run until the thread is closed.

Internally FT have to balance the requests of the users for features that want to see (that will likely drive fee sign ups / revenue) versus their business goals of international development.

@max2 spotted a planned Japanese expansion which had not previously been discussed, this would bring FT to Japan but also Japanese stocks like Nintendo to us. Something not not featuring in the roadmap might not be the long haul it seems

Ok. Thanks Neil.

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See ☑ [Feature Request 🔧] Desktop/Web Interface