iPad display issues

I’m awaiting an iPhone solely to use the freetrade app. In the meantime it’s worked pretty well on my iPad however a couple of the important screens (mainly deposits) arent proportioned correctly essentially blocking the unique code to use as a transaction reference.

For those in a similar boat (using an iPad) if half a day of dev time could be spent resizing some the important screens that would be awesome!


I’d rather have an actual iPad app. Imagine how much more info you could see on the screen.


While I would support the development of an iPad specific app, it’s possible to install the existing Freetrade app on the iPad.

However, can I ask that it honours the rotational setting on the iPad?

At the moment, if my iPad is oriented ‘upside down’ the app insists on the iPad being the “right way up” so incorrectly appears upside down

Hi All :wave:

Very excited to announce the rollout of the Freetrade app on iPad :tada:

Hopefully, you won’t be seeing any issues anymore as the app is now supported on iPad!

Well done team on this one!!


This is so much better than installing the iPhone version on my iPad and working with a micro-screen!

Great news! Look forward to testing it out. Any updates on widgets, watch, or desktop? :nerd_face: