[Feature Request 🔧] Allow app to work as Mac App

Apple announced that Macs can now download iPhone/iPad apps, I have the Freetrade app downloaded as I thought this would be a good work around to a Desktop version.

Any chance you guys provide access to Mac users wanting to download the app?

It would be great to see (but so would a shiny iPad version which would be even better on Mac :grin:)


iPad will need time and resources though. This one should be an easy fix in theory


Yeah I agree, won’t have to pick my phone up all day to place trades whilst working from home, now I can just look at the corner of my screen haha


Can Macs download Android apps? How?


Technically possible by using an android simulator but the experience is painful.

E.g. Bluestacks


shall pursuit pleasant experiences


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Yeah think you just need to update then go into the Mac app store, should be able to download most iOS apps

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Hey there – we noticed that our app doesn’t run on M1 macs yet! Whilst technically a simple fix, we will need to do some more checks, but it is something we’re aware of.

However as we’re getting towards our last release of the year, I’m afraid we won’t be able to support M1 Macs until 2021.


S’alright. Keep your targets focused on that broader demographic. This is a “nice to have” rather than something that’ll provide value to the masses.

(Mac user here btw)

It’s a quick work around to a desktop version without the need to build a new whole new product.

Sure it will only cater to Mac users, but everyone can admit that keep checking the app slows things down.

Hopefully it will be any easy fix and Mac users will have a way of using Freetrade on their computers

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What happened to this being implemented?


Would love to be able to use the iPad version on my M1 Mac

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