Unable to download the app on my iPhone 5

(Melanie Barrocas) #1

I am unable to download the freetrade app. The issue I get is that it appears to start the download but then it just hangs saying ‘waiting’ and never loads.

I’m on iOS version 10.3.3 and am connected to wifi and have good signal. I’ve checked if I have any system updates pending but its all up to date.

The issue has been occurring for me over a few days now. I have tried deleting the app several times and rebooting my phone before downloading the app once more.

Also worth noting that if I go onto the app store when the app is ‘downloaded’ it give me the option to ‘update’ rather than ‘download’ so on some level the system is acknowledging the app is there.

It just doesn’t load fully.

has anyone else encountered similar issues?

(Christopher) #2

Argh that is frustrating. I haven’t had this issue with the Freetrade app specifically, but this has happened before on an iPhone 6s, during an app update. Deleting and reinstalling didn’t fix the hang, so I ended up logging out of App Store, performing a soft reset with the phone’s hardware buttons then signing in again with my Apple ID. Before doing all that, if you haven’t already, try downloading another app to see if it has any impact.

If none of that works, try http://help.freetrade.io/ you can use the intercom button to live chat with the Freetrade team who’ll be able to assist you further.

And welcome to the community @melanierocket!

(Melanie Barrocas) #3

sigining in and out of my apple id did the trick! thanks