Make Freetrade work as a app on M1 (etc) MacBook

Apple’s new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro’s can run iPhone and iPad apps unless the developers opts out.

The Freetrade app downloads on the Mac, however when I open the app all I get is the following message : “this device appears to be jailbroken. For security reasons we cannot support it.”

The new apple computer with m1 chips have only been available for 10 days since the time of writing this post but I don’t suppose anyone else has encountered the same problem?

If a Freetrade app developer reads this - can you shed light on the problem ?

I’ve heard of that issue with other apps as well. Its probably because of the different OS and architecture.

Hopefully Freetrade will considering enabling support for it as it would be one step forward to the app on the desktop.

Ok thanks, according to what I have read all iPhone and iPad apps should work without further developer involvement unless they have opted out. If they have opted out then the app would not be available to download, but I guess it’s clearly not that simple !

Just wondering if anyone knows if there’s been any progress with this? Would be really cool to be able to use the app on the laptop, and doesn’t appear to be a big thing to enable, considering the Touch ID integration.


As freetrade works on iPhones & iPads, could your app be made to work on Apple M1 MacBook’s please.

That would be very convenient for lots of us.


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