Community in app

You should be able to access the community so you can read and contribute posts in the app and not just on the web.

The community is integral to my Freetrade experience so would be good to have it all in one place.

100% agree, waiting for that to happen soon. Hopefully after the crowdfunding round they can have time to get to it.


Agreed. At the very least, there ought to be a link in the app somewhere, perhaps under ‘Help & support’. I can’t find one and it feels like such a missed opportunity.

I used to use the waiting list app to access the community!

There is a separate community app. I’m ok separating the two, does not take much to switch between.

You can have this site bookmarked on your smartphone. Come out the app, open up your browser and hit the bookmark, it literally takes seconds.

Having the community in the app would be a nice-to-have, but given the growth potential of Free Trade I’d rather have them focus their valuable time on items that really drive that growth - investment platform, EU expansion, etc.


A counter argument could be that having an app would provide better feedback thus helping to drive growth in the long term

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I like the idea of linking the two. A single login/signup would be great. Plus it would make it easier to chat about finance while it’s on my mind.

Not sure how notifications and everything else would work?

Maybe a first step would be linking to the community and sharing the logins?

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I have to disagree. Community integrated into FT app would effectively mean less trade-related features. You can’t eat a cake and have a cake, unless you want a really bad mobile user experience and performance issues.

I want cake now :drooling_face:


A feature that allows users to access and post on the Freetrade Community forum in the app.

At a bare minimum there should be a link to community in the app, maybe some recent activity/threads.

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Yep agree with this, also would be cool to integrate a suggestions feature within the app.

Assuming it is Discourse that the freetrade team is using for Community, perhaps one of the options is to have a wrapper that opens the site with login details saved within the app (in-app web browsing via Safari/Chrome depending on the platform).

Discourse is open-source!

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Indeed, Discourse, and a wrapper might be a sufficient enough MVP to start with. The other option we discussed is using Discourse’s API.


Personally, it seems as if a simple link within the app will do fine. Let’s leave the website to the apps made to handle websites.

Why add complexity to the app if safari + add to home screen (or any android alternative) is doing the job just fine?