Community Interface & Infinite/Long Scroll

Please can this Forum be paginated.
It would make it much easier to navigate up and down long topics…
…and re-find sub-themes.

e.g. [Feature Request wrench] Desktop/Web Interface
…has 497 posts.

It never loads immediately - just in many, jerky steps.
While happy to see the initial post (for context), mostly I want to go straight to the most recent post - so a “last page” (or preferably page number) would be perfect.

If a sub-theme is found mid-thread (e.g. from the search function), surely it is helpful to know which page it is on (how far up / down)?

By contrast Long Scroll (and worse Infinite Scroll) are like travelling along a highway without mile-markers.
i.e. no idea of how far one has gone, how far to go …
…or where that side interest was that we passed recently.

p.s. “Load More” doesn’t help.

This is a limitation of the forum software being used, it wasn’t built by Freetrade. It’s called Discourse.

You can use the scroll feature by clicking on the X/X posts in the bottom right and scrolling to the end etc…

As of last year, there wasn’t a plug-in for Discourse pagination and I wouldn’t want Freetrade to waste time on software they didn’t build initially, over features in their own platform.

But yes, it can be annoying when you join a topic with many replies.

Hey @Tarian, thanks for the suggestions.

We’ll keep doing what we can do to optimise the forum and make it easier to navigate.

Hot tip: if you put /last at the end of the URL instead of the reply # then it’ll take you to the very end of the conversation. This is how we set up the URLs on your app, so you can tap straight through to the stock discussion and see the latest reply and take part yourself.

e.g. Community Interface & Infinite/Long Scroll - #3 by sampoullain

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I appreciate that people:
“wouldn’t want Freetrade to waste time on software they didn’t build”…

…but surely this Community is a valuable tool for testing what Users actually want - and merits being optimised ?

And surely the amount of “scrolling” whether here - or when trading is a valid topic ?

Plenty of people prefer the certainty of clicking links / pages over the uncertainty of how far to scroll…
…and especially when trying to return (scroll) back up a loooong page.
(see blog comments on I.S.)

I emailed Discourse (without mentioning Freetrade) and this was their reply:
“What I can tell you is that disabling infinite scrolling and using pagination is something we have never supported.
Discourse was conceived, created and designed to work with infinite scroll.”

Now tell me how flexible, and “Customer Focused” that is ??? (not !) :frowning:

Clearly, Discourse have either never read (or are unmoved by) the blog comments on Infinite / Long Scroll where the majority of Users (as distinct from web-Designers) favour the certainty of numbered pages.