[Feature Request 🔧] Desktop/Web Interface

Copying my response from another thread that duplicated this one!

When it comes to trading I am normally at my desk and want to have all my research together to make my investments.

An app is great for checking and monitoring but when it comes to making my trades I rarely do it on the move. That’s what my stop losses are for!


This is most voted for request with 94 votes so far :slight_smile:


I’m guessing it wouldn’t be easy to do but I do prefer a desktop solution.

I like light and fast but I need some meat with my broker. Just having something for transactions and tracking isn’t that special for me.


That’s a good point. Just to mention, we’re planning to add lots more to the app (while still keeping it fast) so hopefully some of those will be the kinds of things that you have in mind :slight_smile:


Assuming your stack is still Firebase heavy, a webapp would be no sweat, especially if you used something like React to handle interactions.

Getting onto desktop is a breeze, too. Just use Electron to power the same React app you’re using for the web, and configure Firebase’s security to match the domain of the Electron server and boom - single codebase, available on basically every platform there is with no barriers to entry :slight_smile:

Obviously, there are other frameworks out there, but those are the ones I use in my day job and they serve the purpose perfectly.


Just to share a quick update - @Ian confirmed that we want to provide a web interface at some point in the future, at our last community meet up.


I think basic functionality in the web version would be fine, at least in the beginning, if it helps the web version come to fruition faster. A very spartan approach would be quite desirable here.

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Have you considered a TradingView REST API integration to keep overheads low?


Same here. I would to trades on desktop, and everything else (browsing, managing watchlists, etc.) on mobile while on the go.

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Yeah, I think the main thing with a desktop interface is usability. The Freetrade app is quite sorely lacking in terms of being able to research companies and shares.

I think the timeline is next to useless because it doesn’t show you any sort of detail in the timeline (even things like line separated months/days/hours) so I have to go elsewhere to even diagnose timelines. Especially when you select Max, what is Max? Since it was registered on the exchange, or Freetrade? There’s no dates, so it’s impossible to say. Again, I’d have to go elsewhere.

Company news? Again, I have to go elsewhere.

At the moment, I have to do all my research elsewhere, on the comfort of a larger screen and with the benefit of more information - and then only when I’m ready to purchase do I have to come back to the app, and place my order on my phone.

Having a web interface won’t overcome the shortcomings of the app, but it will make it far more convenient to buy/sell when I need to.


As much as I would like a website in reality I don’t think it is a good use of Freetrade’s time at the moment. Virtually every statistic shows mobile usage is growing much faster than PCs.

Counties like China are even more extreme where mobile dominates internet usage.


We’ll definitely prioritise adding some of the functionality that’s been mentioned in this thread to the app before we build a web app. We’re ‘mobile first’ & always will be :iphone:


Instead of building web application, can you release the API?

As, an new investors to freetrade even I would not like our efforts to go into building a new team. But as a developer, I would like to create a small application for tracking and managing my portfolio.


This would be interesting. The Monzo approach where they built the APIs to see what the wider crowd do with it, then they built some solutions off the back of it.

Generally good practice if they can create a public API for their own growth.

Would love a web app where I could find the price graphs for all the shares, being able to invest in new shares, sell existing shares and of course view my existing shares.

It would seem that this has been added to the roadmap :smiley:


I think it’s about time. Being forced to trade on a small phone doesn’t really make for a great experience.


is there a webapp in works for the app? i love the mobile app and all but sometimes i like to use my pc to check the market get a bit of work done

If you look at Freetrade’s roadmap of things being developed, it’s on there but on the far right, under ‘long term >6 months’.

I too would like the option of a webapp.

Freetrade Web is in the Long term: >6 months column of the roadmap: https://trello.com/b/W15ccViA/freetrade-roadmap