Too Many Duplicate Requests

A lot of users are following what the app tells them, coming here and making a new topic for their requested stock and creating duplicates (not their fault).

A few members of the community are spending time referring them on to the originals. (@hrochfor1😉)

Could we perhaps change the instructions to say ‘search for a post first’ to prevent this? It’s quite a big step to post on a new forum and im sure lots of people have joined through this route, but we dont want them to feel stupid when it just gets merged into a big topic. Equally i doubt they all come back and vote on the main one so it gets lost.

I know people have suggested closer forum-app links anyway. Perhaps if you type in Easyjet or BAE, it could link you straight to the forum page? Then at least they’d get a reason or timescale.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this…


I think it would be good to have a spreadsheet, similar to the securities universe that could track everything that has been requested, along with number of votes and/or reason it can’t be included (e.g nationality declaration). Then the spreadsheet could link to the forum thread for upvotes + discussion.

I think it would help if @sampoullain or someone on the team creates a new forum topic for each new stock added every week as well - well ones that haven’t already been mentioned anyway. At some point someone is going to want to talk about Acme Widgets Plc, or they might even try and request it again…

It might make make good SEO fodder for Freetrade and help keep the forums tidier.

That would be nice. It’s a bit annoying to see the same requests always pop up: IAG and other airlines coming to mind.

Many posts I comment under also said that they searched for threads and they did not appear. If people consistently use the actual name + ticker that would be helpful.

I try and edit any I can but there are lots of older posts etc. which I haven’t gotten round to doing.

The other thing is people keep trying to get OTC stocks added with tickets which aren’t possible so when people search for them it returns an empty search.

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