:freetrade: Leave stock requests threads open


Just a quick idea, would it be possible to leave stock requests threads open or move them in a discussion area when they are added to the app? I think they would offer a good platform to share knowledge and articles on said company without having to create a new topic each time.

I like that Jonny. Maybe add a star or some other signifier in the title? To show that when someone’s looking at a list of the stock request topics then the can see X stock has been added.


Yeah, like a :point_right::iphone: or :point_right::freetrade: or something on the topic header

I just thought it would be nice to have a point of communication with the amazing community for each stock

I vote for the Freetrade logo that makes so much sense. Good one Jonny.

Great community here. Dying for it to launch in Ireland getting FOMO at this stage. Just trying to build the community and do my part even if I can’t use it.

Doing gods work out here

As someone who went through the waiting list era, I feel your pain.

With or without access to the app, it’s great that Freetrade listens to its community. One of the reasons I love the app so much!

Can’t wait to have more Irish in the community, as well with French, German & Dutch. :ireland: :fr: :de: :netherlands:

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been submitting ideas even without access to the app ever and people are taking them on board but as important…the staff are.

We are basically their cheerleaders. We need to drive them forward. Expect a lot more of Diageo being bought when the Irish join. Guinness and Smirnoff hahaha

I’m not too far behind I think I’m like #51 or something in Ireland


I’ll cheers to that :beers:

Cracking work sorting these out @Vlad! Thank you


Simply cannot hold off this awesome suggestion :wink:


Topics have to be closed to give people their votes back

Have they increased the number of votes to take compensate for the topics that have now been reopened?

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I do not know for sure but I believe the vote limit may have been scrapped altogether :eyes:

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Good point. I wonder if @vlad can change them from a Voteable topic to a non Votable one?


At the moment it does not seem possible. I asked on Discourse Meta and will follow up if I get a response from them.


Hey all, you may have noticed that we have removed voting limits, following the feedback, so thanks for sharing the idea, @Jonny, and votes, everyone.

We’ll also leave the #stock-requests threads open as a newly named Stock Requests & Discussions topic so we can keep the chat about stocks on the same thread, even after we’ve added it to your app.

Thanks to some help from @Vlad, we’ve also marked those stocks which we have added to your app with [On :freetrade:] in the title. Hopefully this makes it easier to spot and navigate through these, and in general, simpler to have discussions around a security with one main thread for each one.

Any other feedback or suggestions on this, just let us know! :pray:


Just wanted to say, [On :freetrade: ] is a lot better than [Added to :freetrade:] – latter was cluttering up the title on my phone. Thanks. :slight_smile: