Stock requests reopened

Is it possible to keep the stock request open once they have been added to the app? And maybe moved to a new section?

I think it would be nice to keep the dedicated space for each of these stocks for chat and discussion on them.

I can see why you asked but unfortunately this wouldn’t really work, as you have to close topics that have votes in order to return those votes so that people can use them again.

But if you spot something discussion worthy then please do create a topic for it / the company. There’s quite a few #investing-and-markets topics that’re dedicated to specific companies already :red_car: :iphone: :round_pushpin: :taxi:

We can always move any discussion over to those new topics from the original #stock-requests topic too.

I’m open to suggestions if there’s anything else we can do to improve the way we handle these topics too!

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Ah didn’t realise that. Thanks - good to know

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