Requested stocks *PREFERRED*

Users who have been with the platform for x amount of time who have made x amount of trades/referrals be allowed to make x approved new stock requests, obviously to be added within a fair timeframe.

Personally I find it frustrating if I’m interested in a stock but have to request and wait to see how many people upvote. I feel this will stop users leaving and/or using multiple platforms. In turn users who recieve this would become more engaged with FT. Also it will continue growing the market for everyone whilst rewarding loyal accounts.

I can see this working only if the bar to submit a priority request is set very high. If not then it risks FT adding mostly niche stock which can alienate the broader community.

Your titles quite misleading. I thought you were asking for preferred stocks. Something I would like to see on FT

Unlucky shane

Write better titles so


I’m not sure about this. Most of the stock requests I see are for IPOs and/or extremely risky and hyped up companies from people looking for 10 baggers, I don’t know if this would bring much benefit.

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We value each stock suggestion for us to add, and are working at adding new stocks each week. If a stock can operationally be added to our universe, then we are working to get these added in due course :blush: