Designated discussion thread for each stock in the Freetrade universe


I think it would be good if there was a discussion thread for every stock in the freetrade universe, which would allow members of the community to discuss ideas and news etc relating to individual stocks. ADVFN and Interactive Investor already have such boards. Could serve to drive additional traffic to the site and further brand awareness.

(Emma (#20 😎)) #2

Do they have any issues with people giving investing advice? Sounds like it would need a lot of policing

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(Alex Sherwood) #3

This is a great idea :heart_eyes: & you don’t need us for this so I’ve moved it from the #ideas category.

I won’t create dedicated threads for every stock at once because it’ll swamp the community & people won’t have time to comment on every thread in the very beginning.

But please feel free to create threads for anything that you want to discuss. We have some for Tesla, Amazon & Apple etc. already, if you’re looking for inspiration :grinning:

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(Alex Sherwood) #4

We definitely need everyone to avoid that but discussion about news & company’s future prospects etc. is great!