Freetrade Subreddit

I’m not 100% sure about the rules of posting this, but I love the app and want to help grow the community on Reddit.

I created subreddit r/FreetradeApp two years ago as a place for news & discussion on Freetrade Limited / the Freetrade app for people who use Reddit as their preferred forum/social media, It has not been managed & updated as often as I’d like but that’s easy to change if the community interest is there.
My intention isn’t to compete with this forum or move people from here, but just to increase exposure and help grow the Freetrade community with new (Reddit) users. I’m currently looking for new moderators.

The Subreddit:


I’m a big user of Reddit, I’m unsure how much time I could put aside of being a Moderator but I would be happy to help

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Looks a bit quiet at the moment, it’ll be tough having two communities but I do prefer using reddit.

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the FT team should poke their head in there every now and then… would be quite insightful for them to see what people think of their product that are not on this forum.

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I joined the sub a while ago but haven’t yet posted.
I’m just starting out investing on freetrade to build my retirement fund.

I won’t have time to mod due to work and other means.

I’ll definitely post in the sub sometime.

Good luck!

I mod the subreddit from time to time and I’d love to see some community regulars on there to help answer questions and lighten the mood a tad on certain posts (it’s pretty pro T212 on some)


I don’t mind jumping on and moderating when I can! Just send me a message!

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I’ve just started investigating for my retirement.
If I get a chance I’ll post with my shares etc.
I Don’t mind sharing how good or bad I’m doing.
Or contribute in someway.

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