Welcome message/rules

When people join the forum they should get a “10 rules of Freetrade” type message that must be read or at least pinned. This should cover as an example

1 Please search for stocks by name and ticker before requesting. Duplicates only dilute votes and clutter forums. Or a ticker system like [Stock request by ticker name)

2 Understand that for some stocks we need a National declaration which means we can’t offer these at present sadly. We will update in the future if this changes.( About the #nationality-declaration tag - Freetrade Chat :fire: / Tag Explainers :label: - Freetrade Community)

3 Share rights are currently not enabled due to the technical process involved.

4 next rule/message

5 There is a £25k limit in place which is being monitored in case of a freak event due to…

6 etc etc etc

I did originally add a similar comment to a thread by someone else ( Welcome message - Freetrade Chat :fire: - Freetrade Community) but that was just a message and not a voteable idea.

Simply put, I think that the FreeTrade platform is fantastic and I have got hold of customer services quick and easy every time. Generally, they have been super polite and answered my query quickly but the forums have far too many repetitive complaints that should be nipped in the bud so to say :stuck_out_tongue: It is also hard work catching up on all the mails so any reduction in duplication in any way is also a big plus :+1:

Rules are rules for good reasons and if everyone has to read the 10 most common complaints and why before posting or repeating past idea/requests it will A) reduce clutter in forum B) reduce complaints that occupy busy customer services and C) instantly catch ALL members and ease/calm any issues they may have which will improve their customer experience :+1:

Obviously the rules could be updated as and when required and pinned so everyone sees them and edited into an “FT” format to match the overall company image but the principal idea to me is a massive no brainer.

They’re unlikely to want to highlight issues immediately :joy:

The issue is the link in app says ‘go here to vote for a stock’ when it should say ‘search here’ or better yet link straight to the request post.


Support 100%! :grinning:

Plenty more ideas for ‘rules’! A few that come readily to mind… Before requesting a stock, look up the exchange it’s listed on and if it’s not on London Stock Exchange, AIM, NYSE or NASDAQ, don’t mention it. No, you can’t move stocks from a GIA to an ISA. The first time you deposit money into your account it might take longer than you expect. No, you can’t trade ‘after hours’. The price you see on your screen is not the price you’ll pay. No, Freetrade is not scamming you.

Anyone else remember the old days when FAQs genuinely were the list of answers to questions that were frequently asked?

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@FailedTuringTest yep all good and why I didn’t do the full list myself :stuck_out_tongue:

@AdamL this is why I said “edit in an FT format” to make it all polite and fluffy :joy: but it would be 100% better that people understand these issues at first than every single day getting the same negative complaints or repeat requests over and over.

It’s all about impression and it took me about 2 weeks to realise that the constant negativity was probably not malicious but people either not knowing or panicking. Besides, if people are put off by the rules idea then maybe investing hard cash is not the sensible move :joy: :+1:


I’m :100: behind this. I sometimes get accused of being negative/not welcoming enough when I point out a basic thing to someone, such as a company not being publicly traded. It’s pretty tough to remain vaguely fluffy when one has to repeat the exact same thing over and over and we’re not allowed to post the exact same thing due to the system monitoring for spam.

Naturally, no one is forcing me to be here, but I want the forum to be tidy and efficient. Some basic information that helped reduce my workload would be appreciated :rofl:


I must admit when I first joined you did point out I was doing this and I thought “calm down” but after a few days I thought you shouldn’t have had to and thank god you told me as I would just be diluting votes and making the same error time and again :joy: :+1:

To me if I was FT I would see this not just as a good idea but a massive MUST have as the fact we even had this discussion means there are many FT customers who are not “in the know” and surely this isn’t good for FT :+1:

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Your efforts are appreciated! :star:

Edited to add: yours too @Big-g :money_mouth_face:


This really should get acted on or something similar! Since I suggested it we are averaging every couple hours a request that has already been suggested or a duplicate idea.

To make matters worse it is a double edged sword as people then vote for the new request when those votes would be better served on ONE thread :+1:

It is bad enough new members don’t know to look if there is already a vote in place but thinking about it more I realised that when we vote it would be wise to look if it is already in place :joy: Obviously this would be mad but it just goes to show the system would help clean the forums.

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