Forum Posting Guidelines


I spent quite a bit of time crafting posts on the new terms and conditions thread only to have the posts disappear without reason.

They were obviously not spam and didn’t contain any disinformation. I am a FT shareholder and customer.

Wondering what Freetrade’s guidelines are here and if possible out of respect for users, if you don’t approve a post, at least let us know why so we can change it?


I think this is the official guidelines

But other arbitrary rules may apply in interest of community/company etc

(i dont know though)

No arbitrary rules apply. We expect everyone to abide by the rules we have set out though in the interest of promoting respectful and constructive discussion. :pray:

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Thanks. Noted some of my posts were removed for the reference “Ministry of Truth”, a lighthearted joke but fair enough.

Still not sure why the two posts previous to this were rejected as they didn’t contain the phrase.

Will try again. Thanks Both.

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