About the First Time Investing 🐣 category


A lot of you told us to collect all topics related to getting started in one place. This is it!


Where has the feedback and suggestions category disappeared to???

Seems like it was consolidated with Freetrade Chat. Arguably, it is still Freetrade related hence still makes sense.

I quite like the idea of not having too many categories.

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Exactly right :slight_smile:

As above, although the community leads pointed out to me that having a high(er) number of categories is helpful for discovery, e.g. everyone can see if their ideas have already been suggested under “Feedback & Ideas”, so we’ll bring this back.

Do share your feedback as well @Diversify, you hang out here a lot, too!

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Hello there,

I am a first time investor and signed up for this platform. However most of the stocks I want to buy are not listed on this platform. They are from NYSE. I have seen a topic where we can ask for stocks to be added, how likely this would happen soon? I have spotted these stocks on another platform but I do not like them (because they keep harassing me with their ads everywhere…) as I did Free Trade:)

This may be covered somewhere already, so I am sorry if I have missed it.

Thank you!

Welcome aboard. Have a great ride

Check this thread

Hope this helps


Thank you very much @Raul, this is very helpful.

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