New stock threads

Please add new stocks in one thread. Freetrade literally spam their own forum.


The threads are set up to enable individual stock discussion in the future. It might a little annoying but it’s the best solution, without this stock discussion would be fragmented and require a huge about of admin work combining threads.


When are all these new stocks going live on the app?

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It is needed but they could make it much clearer when it is available to avoid confusion. :+1:

Edit - I meant to add this not the above :joy:

No, it’s definitely not. It’s a solution, and not a particularly good one.

One hypothetical solution, for instance, would be to have a ticker search function that takes you to the relevant thread or creates it (including links to appropriate things) if it doesn’t. That way, we’d only have threads for stocks that people actually want to discuss, not hundreds upon hundreds of empty threads.


Yep it would be a good idea and similar to the below.

New stock link to app - Ideas :bulb: - Freetrade Community


It’s not the best solution.

Can this be done on this platform?

not if yer on pc, wwhich can access this forum

Oh they can just add a backend plugin that creates the threads without adding them to the ‘latest’ category on creation. But that requires resources to complete (they already know they can do this)

Discourse is open source. If they have programmers, they can add any features they like to it.

Would it be possible to categorize stock threads to the sector like on the app: so yu get all logistics stocks together in a subforum?

beermoneytrader is going to beat you up now


Hi @manoadamro thanks for your post, in future before making a request please could you include the type of attack, where you want it to happens and the weapons required. Some of us spend our free time keeping this forum today and well run, it would also save everyone at FT a lot of time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I feel like mods are jebaiting a ban :joy:

So every now and then people get stressed because it takes them 20 extra seconds to scroll through a large number of new threads to get to the stock they are interested in.

Don’t you love first world problems and the inability to use a search function.


Who’s stressed?

Its unnecessary and annoying, any decent business needs and welcomes feedback from its customers. being a smart arse is really not needed on this forum so may i suggest you go to twitter with people with your attitude are in abundance.

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Oh I see, you have been upgraded to forum police now. How wonderful

So only your feedback is worthwhile then?

And my feedback, in that I believe that this isn’t an issue, and I have no problems with Freetrade continuing to create these individual stock threads, is null and void eh?

Well guess what, not everyone will agree with you and surprise surprise, they just may be others that take an opposing view.


Do we not already have a search function on the forum?

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