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Does anyone know if Freetrade will be supporting discussions of particular shares? If so, will there be an app interface for this (eg. Within the share summary) or will it just be on this community forum?

Having been an advfn (share chat website) user for the best part of 20 years I can foresee a huge can of worms if Freetrade doesn’t handle it right. Defamation is a serious threat as well as the risk of ‘tipsters’, trolls and pump&dumpers setting up camp.

With 0 users it’s not an issue but how can this be managed when there are 100k. 1m, 10m users?


You mean like social trading platforms? I assume that Freetrade will keep the app clean and free from ‘noise’ but there could be a link to the forum where we can discuss things here.


We started a similar thread here

What are people’s experiences of self governed forums e.g. we could have a ‘tip’ or ‘defamation’ button to raise with admin?

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All posts/threads should adhere to the community guidelines, these may change going forward depending on how Freetrade decides to utilise the forum. :nerd_face:

At present the best option would be to flag any inappropriate posts (ellipsis, then the flag) and we can deal with them respectively. :slight_smile:


@tommy is on the money here. Flagging is the way right now. Potentially more streamlined system as we scale.

We take keeping the forum free from financial advice or manipulation very seriously as @freetrade_cal will testify.


Just to add to Tommy’s answer:

Yes. That’s what we have the Investing and markets chat category for! We already have a few really good threads on it e.g. about gold of all things - finally something that’s not US-focused and is orientated toward people like yourself, at the fintech forefront.

Your point about how it can go wrong is excellent. The guidelines are there, but I do agree we’ll see trolls and pump & dumpers soon, and as @tommy said, flagging those comments is super helpful. A lot of subreddits are doing really well with a handful of people working as a mod team, and we have that team in place (everyone at Freetrade as well as @anon2636484, @Cgwinning, @tommy - and let me know if anyone feels strongly about becoming a community lead).

I personally look forward to seeing more markets chat including everyone’s theses about the various companies and sectors - as long as it’s not recommending others the buying or selling of investments.

This community forum is linked from the app.