Vote for the features that you want Freetrade to build 🗳

Would love to see advance analysis features for stocks ( p/e ratios, div yield, annual net income etc ) as well as financial information such as stock news, balance sheets, cash flow etc even if i have to pay for it as a monthly subscription as long as the information is solid. Super handy to have it all in one place straight from my smartphone.


This is probably the most basic feature to add. I would like to know the amount I have paid for a US stock. Every time I check, it gives me converted currency. Sometimes it is better to get the dollar value paid for the stock. This way you know your entry price at the time.

The chart needs a lot of work and I have found a few to be completely wrong. Some ratios and data related to each stock would help. The functionality related to dividends needs to be more organised. I would like to know how much dividend I have received, its yield and upcoming dividends. Some way of tracking the dividends over time would also be good.

Ability to place limit others and stop loss would also be nice in the future. This feature was needed badly and I had to use other platforms. If you look, some companies had nice drops and a limit order would have helped.


this may have already been discussed, but is there the option to have the GBP price floating beside the Dollar Price when looking at the US Stocks, for example if I open Starbucks now it shows $73.68 per share, i would be interested to see the ’ holistic’ value of this in GBP without having to go in “Buy” before seeing the conversion values. . . . thoughts?


It’s probably already been mentioned but I would love to see more information about the dividends e.g. ex dividend state, dividend yield for each stock, average dividend yield for my portfolio etc. I would also like to see the the total amount of dividends received on my statement every month. This would make it a lot easier to track the dividend growth of my portfolio(s).


A dividends tab would be nice.


A few things i would find useful:

  1. The 7 day charts for stocks seem to be wrong for some reason, almost always not up to date with any other source e.g. yahoo finance could say a stock is up 10% in the last week and freetrade might say its only up 2% in the last week, quite irritating
  2. When i add a stock to my watchlist i would like to be able to choose the data it shows on the watchlist page e.g. if i have a stock that i own on the list i would like to be able to choose to display the overall positive or negative % of the stock I’ve bought rather than always having the % for the month displaying
  3. Being able to make a stock statement whenever i want
  4. Ex-div dates etc to display on the stock info pages
  5. Perhaps a sort of basic news feed e.g. “Apple is due to release info on their quarterly earnings tomorrow” basically just 1 or 2 key bits of info on stocks i hold
  6. In the my portfolio tab, it would be nice to have a section where you could see the top risers amd fallers in your portfolio over the last X weeks or months
  7. Not really in the same category as other suggestions but would be cool if there was a sort of raffle whereby every ISA user is automatically entered into a draw to get a free stock every month, you could alter the number of free stocks given out at your own discretion

Anyway i think the UI looks super nice, you guys and gals are doing a great job so far

Much love, Tom


A back button in the Freetrade community desktop app!


Rick click on touchpad (if using mac) and choose back, or the shortcut option: command key + left arrow

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If there was an intuitive way of the platform showing you how much capital gains tax free allowance you’ve used up in the current financial year (according to your FT investments/trades) that would a game changer! I would absolutely pay for that service and it may mean people only Invest with FT as their accounting information is tidily in one place


That would be amazing!

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A feature that will enable users to select whether or not they want their dividends automatically reinvested in a company. The feature would need to work on an investment by investment level for example if I had x amount of stocks in Nike I could choose to have them automatically reinvested upon payment and if I had x amount of stocks in GE I could choose to have the cash value.


I find Freetrade prices are changing too infrequently compared to other platforms which are near real-time in their continuous change in ticks. This needs massive improvement I guess. Big jump in liquidity will be SIPP nothing with add more to Brand more than SIPP and Linked ISA for family.


I think auto investments would be good, like how some competitor apps do it


But mainly in the ISA Account - in Trading 212 it mainly within the ‘Investing’ Account which would impact the amount you Invested due to the Capital Gain Tax that would apply

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Would love to see Freetrade listed as one of PrimaryBid’s available brokers, allowing access to new investment opportunities through their platform.

PrimaryBid Website:


Yeah this would be great
Need to see easy and clearly what dividends paying stocks are doing great over time to see if there is an increase or decrease wtc


Please up-vote, up-vote, up-vote!!!
Please add the ability to sell a stock based on the purchase rate…
Also, add the % stat to each purchase shown on the stock screen. At the moment you only show a combined average but I want to be able to sell off the bad purchases when they go Bullish and keep those I bought at a better price (purchased in a bear market) that will be earning a higher %.

I haven’t sold much yet but the sell screen only asks how many I want to sell, not which ones I want to sell. Surely this is broken!!!


No, it’s not broken, but there may be some misunderstanding. All shares in a company are equal. If you bought 1 for £1, and 1 for £2, and now the price is £4 you have two shares, total £8, gain £5. If you sold these shares and immediately bought 2 shares again, you’d have 2 shares, worth £8, gain £0. The percentage gain would reset, but otherwise nothing has changed.
Think of it like pounds in your bank account, it doesn’t matter where they came from, they are all just pounds now, which one you spend first is not important, and would be complex to track.


Would very much like the ability to move money real-time between GIA and ISA account. I can do this on a host of P2P platforms so assume there is nothing fundamental preventing it from happening on Freetrade. I am trying to do this at the moment and it feels painstakingly slow. Eight days and counting so far from selling shares in my GIA, waiting for the funds to settle and now waiting for the funds to be moved to the ISA so I can rebuy them. It also took two weeks to re-open a previously closed ISA (that’s another process that could be improved!) so the whole process of doing a ‘Bed and ISA’ is likely to take a month. There have obviously been exceptional circumstances during this period but movement between accounts feels like something that shouldnt take this long.