Vote for the features that you want Freetrade to build 🗳

Hey, it would be nice to see in the discover page two new sections One for highest paying dividends. And one for dividend aristocrats, sorted high to low.

People think this is a good idea ?


Can we have a section in the discover that has all stocks with a PE ratio < 15 ? These are usually good value stocks.


Trailing stop loss
I think implementing trailing stop losses is important especially with how volatile the market has been. It’ll be easier for users to exit at a lower loss and easier for them to make a profit. Setting a percentage decrease stop loss on a volatile stock would make a huge difference.

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Hi, I think the most obvious feature that most people seem to want is for more uptodate stock prices.
For me personally though I enjoy investing in pennystocks that I hope will rise in value in the next 10 years but I also understand that penny shares are highly risky and most will fail and ill likely lose all the money I have invested in them.
I’d like to see a section dedicated to penny stocks in the discover area of the app even with a disclaimer to warn users of the Risks associated with penny stocks.
I hope it doesn’t encourage day traders though as I understand the app is designed for long term investing.
Other than that the app is simple, clean and excellent for me the only problem I’m having at the moment is that I’m having to deposit using manual bank transfers as the app keeps giving me an error when I try to transfer my deposit using the app.
Keep up the great work!

I did think that could be good or “sort by price” options etc but maybe that is felt like gamifying or gamble encouragement.

I don’t understand what you mean by gamifying but as for encouraging gambling I think although we say “investing in stocks” we are actually gambling, there is a fine line.
My uncle who is now deceased lost 20 grand in the eighties when the stock market crashed on black Monday and it was mostly blue chip companies he was invested in.
There have been other crashes after aswell so there is no such thing as a safe investment as far as I’m concerned.
Institutions such as banks have gone under aswell losing peoples money etc etc everything has risk to it therefore its all a gamble no matter how we like to dress it up.

By gamifying I mean where the system encourages risk and treats it more like a game of championship manager. This helps some people forget it is real money and only when they lose it all do they realise.
Obviously everyone is different but some do not read all the T&Cs or even care and treat it like a game :+1: not all but some and they are usually the ones who end up hurt in the end.
Its a hard balance between making a platform simple and not too easy to lose all your money. At the end of the day it is real money.

Hi Gary, I understand what you are saying I would not like to see the app go the way of some other apps such as trading cdfs etc, which in my personal opinion should be banned, Im sure I read somewhere that the UK was going to ban cfd trading but I’m not sure.
I like the simplicity of freetrade and looked at other broker apps such as Hargreaves etc but as a new invester this one is perfect for me.
I don’t have all my investment in penny shares but I feel I should have the option to invest in them and I’ve noticed that freetrade has added some penny shares which is great.
The app interface is clean and simple and easy to use for the first time investor, I recently subscribed to plus to get access to all the stocks as I would like to invest more money in the future.
The only things I would change about the app are as I said more uptodate pricing which I’ve noticed lots of people requesting.A section for pennyshares in the discover section and I would also like to see the watch list maybe moved to the discover section aswell to keep the portfolio section cleaner so it just shows your shares and graphs etc.
I recently started using dark mode on my android phone and it makes freetrade really standout and is easier for me to view and because of this I thought maybe the app should have a couple of themes so that people can view the app in light or dark mode as lots of apps now have this feature of inbuilt themes.
Other than the things I’ve mentioned I think freetrade is almost perfect and I wouldn’t like to see it become overcomplicated as this would ruin it for first time investors.
Keep up the great work!

I just thought I’d add a screenshot to show you how freetrade looks in dark mode.


Totally agree with all you said, I also use the dark mode as much better for me personally. My point about the penny shares wasn’t my view as I would actually like to see them easily just maybe a reason.
I do like a few punts on the penny shares hoping to hit a jackpot :joy:

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Hey, I think on USD stocks we should see our average in our currency and the USD currency so at a glance it’s quicker to see. As the USD graphs stay in USD it makes more sense to me to keep the info about any purchases in USD as it makes it quicker to see if you are up or down.


I would say 20 votes is too small for active users :+1: Maybe X amount a month or something? The nature of active users means they can’t vote for good options after a certain amount of time even if they think it is better than something they voted for 10 votes ago :joy:

Especially as a new user it is easy to use up your allocation. I know I probably will. I get having a limit rather than every option being voted on but it isn’t great having a limit.

You could then do a weekly, monthly or whatever period you see fit, vote on the most popular/feasible ideas.

That’s just my view, as the more engagement the better.


For me

  1. Button to download history of transactions and/or API to get at my data
  2. Tax year summary
  3. Ability to transfer stocks between GIA and ISA

Just generally

  1. Now that you have SIPP why not couple it with some form of robo-advice to help people with retirement planning.

Any updates on uk fractionals or DRIP


Hi everyone!

So I would still class myself as new to the world of trading (started Jan 2021) but I love the UX and UI of Freetrade but the pay wall of the Plus account is a bit much and is really putting me off. I love this app but I think the cost should be reduced or removed as it will just push countless users away.

It reminds me somewhat of Coinbase vs Coinbase Pro.

What I think it needs:
Plus Cost change
RSS feed on the stock e.g. Latest news
‘Pro’ Mode - Candle stick graphs
Deeper insight e.g. % of people buys / selling
Web version not just an app

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It is kinda crazy 60 people have voted for an idea that isn’t actually an idea and wasted one of there only 20 on this thread :joy: :joy:

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Features tailored towards income investors / dividend growth investment features such as historical data on dividend payouts and filtering mechanism by which we can see where dividends come from and how they’re incorporated into the overall portfolio balance. A DRIP mechanism would also be optimal for dividend investing!

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Stop Buy Limit order feature. It would be great if free-trade can support stop buy order. This will really be helpful to open the position at desired price above the current market price. This feature is available in most of the platform and provides edge to trade the position if price moves in desired direction.

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Hi, I would really like to see more ways to organise how I see the list of investments and watchlist. For example in order off gain percentage, gain price , UK stock , US stock order of highest dividend yield ect

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I would like the ability to sort stocks alphabetically

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