Feature requests ideas

I’ve been using the app for a while.

Few ideas that I would like to see added.

  1. Dividend paying stocks, I would like to see these clearly labelled within the app, in a category with payout info if possible.

  2. Perks to subscribers, monthly free shares, in guessing this will only be viable for freetrade on the cheaper shares. You could even charge a small fee. I would like hot picks selected by freetrade of potential stocks that are cheap
    With growth potential.

  3. Stock tips via freetrade, some tips like what motley crew offer as a service but more simplified.

  4. Partnership with a modern bank that would include perks or reduced subscription. I’m considering switching from a in branch bank, monzo mentions a partnership with freetrade but seems only perks for new subscriptions.

  5. A little more info on available stocks, summaries are very brief. Maybe a score of potential growth, potential failure etc.


I’ve looked a little harder and I can see dividends listed under stats.

With all the stocks you offer, I really think you should categories all the dividends paying stocks.

To expand upon that, it would be nice to offer filtering options within discovery when browsing stocks. One of these filters could be dividends among many other usual things.



Idea number 3:

I know what you meant (and it’s an interesting idea) but I LOVE the idea of stock picks off motley crew

Thanks for these ideas. Just a gentle note, please do take a look through the existing threads to see if there are any relevant ones for these ideas before creating a new topic entirely.

I’ll close this thread now to tidy things up but will keep it discoverable.