Process Automation


I recently submitted a ticket to Freetrade team about some features and they thought I should share them here. If they get the enough attention or traction, maybe we will see them come through.

1- the ability to reinvest any income from dividends back into that company’s stock. Some people might be in that phase where you just want to see your cake (and stake) grow. At the moment all this does is put money sitting down in that account doing nothing and we have to manually reinvest it or withdraw.

2- the ability to set up direct debits for frequent investing on a monthly basis. This way you can get your group of shares sorted, assign how much you want to invest each time, and have your process fully automated.

I thought these would be basic but apparently there’s a need for discussion. What y’all think?

Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, these ideas have been suggested. I don’t wish to throw water on your enthusiasm, but things like this come up frequently and multiple threads covering the same ideas end up being merged because votes matter to the :freetrade: team. Thus, multiple ideas for the same thing end up splitting the votes and lead to a messy forum. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep it to one suggestion per idea, again for the sake of votes.

In future, please search, as this kind of thing does come up a lot.

Examples of your suggestions:



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