[Feature Request] Auto withdraw of dividends

For those who want want an income from their investment, it would be great if there was an option to automatically withdraw your dividends income from your Freetrade account into your current account every month/quarter.

I do like your idea but I have to say it gives me everytime a little buzz when I reinvest my dividends in more shares. Knowing it will generate later on more dividends and so on. So why not have both, ‘auto-invest’ and ‘auto-withdrawal’.


like the auto-invest idea…what would be the criteria for auto invest?

  • pro rata % of all portfolio (would probably require fractional shares)
  • top 1/2/3 stocks in portfolio
  • a single stock
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If SIPPs are ever offered, I’d like to see auto transfer of dividends from GIA to SIPP (and then ideally auto reinvest in to either the same thing the dividend came from, or a configured item).

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As someone who does withdraw divs for income I back this wholeheartedly. Having the option would be great.


For me, the ability to choose the day in the month (ie, 1st, 2nd, 3rd…28th) and the soome kind oof selection critera. I would , evenually, like to be able to say “on the 1st of the month, transfer 75% of the previous calendar month dividend income to linked bank account”.


As Freetrade matures I can see this being a super useful feature.

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