How are you coping with the Votes limit on #Ideas 💡?

Hey Community :wave:

As you all are aware, Freetrade Team is keen to know our personal opinions on #ideas proposed and, potentially, adjust their priorities based on the users’ needs (ISA being the absolute winner so far).

However, one big obstacle to me personally is the Votes limit - there are just so many great ideas and I find it hard to alter my allocation. It also seems like new ideas get penalised on the basis of later submission, whereas those that were suggested earlier on got the majority of the votes.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think people would just vote on everything if that was an option? Or would it work similarly to the Trello Board where people only look for areas they are most interested in? Feel free to share and express your opinions in a unanimous poll as well! :slight_smile:

  • Scrap the limit altogether :crazy_face:
  • I just need more votes
  • Status quo is good enough

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I’d love more votes and have voted for that but limiting them does make you consider what you’ve voted for and to prioritise yourself. I think that helps Freetrade in the long run.


I am only curious if many people actually do that. I think I liked about 35 ideas in total but only swapped my votes three times. Few of those I did not vote for are more significant to me than some others that I keep the votes stuck in, but that is the disadvantage of the limit - I do not like revisiting old votes. Am I the only one of such lazy kind? :pleading_face:

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I’ve rearranged votes a few times. As I mostly use the forum from my phone it’s not that simple.

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Reset the voting to zero, and allow only three votes. It will turn out that everyone wants the same few things: more stocks, tax wrappers, and BT to be either described or not described as slow internet.

Which the team at Freetrade already know, and it will also remind them that community voting is a thin and risky kind of product management.

ps: I have 12 votes for sale.

I am out of votes now and as you say haven’t really thought about swapping votes, maybe through laziness. It would take a particularly good idea for me to look at my previous for one to remove!

Good question :+1:

A few thoughts:

Unlimited votes will probably mean we vote for everything and so everything is priority which means nothing is…

Should we even vote for ideas we know they’re working on or are going to implement soon.

If we get strategic about our votes will it be possible to implement community ideas alongside the roadmap planned ideas.

Maybe voting is just a way to align roadmap priorities with community wishlist.

Looking at the list of ideas I wonder how many were actually ideas Freetrade hadn’t considered previously.


I’ve taken my votes off some things that have a large number of votes as they’re going to ‘win’ anyway. Think I’ve got 6 spare now


I say yes. Helps confirm that they’re on the right path for users.


Where can you see how many vote you have left?

In your profile, left hand side.

Just go to (but replace my username in the link with yours obviously :wink:).

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It was great to hear everyone’s feedback on this. For now, I’ve increased the number of ideas that you can vote on to 30 :tada:

Please do keep letting me know how you’re getting on with votes in this thread.



I’ve noticed that a few of our most active community members have hit their vote limits. And since we’ve decided to slow the pace of our stock additions, we’ll be closing fewer topics which means that votes will be tied up for longer. So I’ve just increased the number of votes that everyone has to 75. Use them wisely :wink:


Nice one :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been removing some of my votes of late. Literally did it most recently this morning.


Quick hack for anyone here, if you’ve voted for the web interface - cancel it! Freetrade have already said they are working on it, so get yourself a vote back for free.

Edit: Guess I was wrong! Cheers Alex
Thank me later :wink:


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It sounds like there’s some confusion here, we’re not working on a web interface yet so please don’t remove your votes - they’ll help us prioritise this.

This was our latest update -

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I for one would love some more votes, any updates @Freetrade_Team1?

Maybe even having split votes for Stock Requests & Ideas as it feels like I have to prioritise one over another at the moment.

I just increased the limit :sweat_smile:

I’m afraid the platform that this site’s built on (Discourse) doesn’t give this option.